Saturday, July 18, 2020

My 10 Favorite Sources for Block Print Tablecloths

Has it really been 4 months since I last blogged?!  Can I even really claim to be a blogger anymore with that sort of hiatus?!!  Regardless, here we are, it's July, and we are still in the midst of a pandemic that seems to have missed the memo that it's summer and virus' need to take a back seat.  Jimmy and I haven't been on a real date since March, though our after dinner convertible drives and backyard cocktail hours are traditions I will happily keep once this whole mess is over.  We've also had very small gatherings in our backyard with friends in place of going out to dinner, which I don't think I will do till this is behind us.  Carry out, yes, for sure and often, but sitting inside a restaurant, no thank you.  Even outside, being served by waiters in masks isn't the sort of escape I'm looking for, rather it's just a reminder of the predicament we are in.  I can make a delicious dinner that can be enjoyed in the comfort of our own backyard, and while it is a little more work, I prefer that sort of ambiance and summer alfesco dining anyway.   When I share photos on instagram of my table settings, I always get a lot of questions about where to buy pretty tablecloths, even my friends in real life ask me too!  So, I'm rounding up 10 go-to sources where I have purchased pretty table linens in the past.  I also love to find them when we are on vacation and buy them from cute shops as pretty souvenirs because they are easy to pack and they remind me of happy memories when I use them at home.

I discovered this gorgeous shop last year when Jimmy and I were in Paris and happened to be staying at a hotel across the street.  I bought a tablecloth for myself and another as a gift for my Mum.  
They will ship to the US, so no travel required.  Click on the store name to go to website.

Kerry has beautiful, airy, block prints with a laid back California coastal vibe. 
Her quilts are amazing too!

This tablecloth from PB is one of my most used and I have the napkins to match, but I mix and match them all the time with other patterns (see the napkins on my table above with the WS tablecloth linked next). I have the PB tablecloth on my table further down in this post.

This one from Williams Sonoma is another frequently used tablecloth, which is pictured being used above for a girls' movie night.

The pink tablecloth pictured above is from India Armory, but not available at the moment.  She has lots of other beautiful options like the blue and white one here. Great options for round tables too, which aren't always easy to find in full lengths. 

Truly for the biggest selection and the best prices, Etsy is where it is at!  Most ship from India. The quality and craftsmanship on all the linens I have purchased has been top notch.  Sometimes they even ship surprisingly fast for overseas.  I linked three sellers above, but there are 100s with pretty options!

I could easily buy one of everything in her online shop.  She has a smaller collection of tablecloths, but what she does carry is absolutely beautiful!

Recommend following on instagram because they often have sales and show items not pictured online.

I bought some pretty quilted placemats when we visited but they also ship to the US.

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