Sunday, July 14, 2019

Fashion | Nordstrom Sale 2019

A couple people asked if I shop the Nordstrom Sale.  Mmmm, not really.  At least not with the frenzy that some people do.  I'm not the biggest bargain hunter and I have a hard time thinking ahead a season.  The only reason I even went online to check out the sale was because Jimmy and I have a trip planned for October and there is nothing that gets me more excited about freshening up my wardrobe quite like an upcoming trip. I bought a new sweater (the one pictured above, but in ivory). Four of the above are things I already own and would highly recommend and buy again.       

1. Patagonia Fleece - I have this in ivory and love it.  The Blue Smoke color is so flattering!  I size up in Patagonia for a more comfy fit.

2. Free People Tunic Sweater - I almost bought this last year but missed out.  I ordered one in ivory but red is the only color still available.  I love the red as well.  Will wear with leggings and boots.

3. Riding Boots -These are my favorite pair of riding boots.  They are $150 off and one of the best deals in the sale.  They hot below the knee and if you have narrow caves, they fit really well without gaping.  They also come in an extended calf option.  They are excellent quality.  I wear mine to death and they still look amazing after 5 years of wear!

4. Zella Legging - I have about 6 pairs pairs of these leggings (in black and other colors) and they are one of my favorite high waisted leggings. I wear these to workout, and they are the best "suck in the belly" leggings I have.  I don't wear these all day though, but know many people that do.  I personally hate a tight, high waist band, unless I am working out, in which case that's what I prefer. They are are softer than my Lulus and a nice thickness without being too thick. I wear an XS in Zella leggings and a 4 in Lulu for sizing reference.  I don't like my leggings to bunch up at all.

5. Cute J. Crew Wrap Dress - Loving yellow this summer and this can be worn now. 

6. Pretty J. Crew Wrap Blouse - Don't have this one, but have one similar and wear it with jeans.

7. Spanx Faux Leather Leggings -  I have had a pair for 3 years and wear them more to go out in than during the day.  I wouldn't wear them to work at home or pick ups kids from school.  If you don't have them and want them, this is the best price you'll find them all year.  I have real leather pants and another brand of faux leather leggings and the Spanx are the least convincing in terms of looking like leather. They do not look like or feel like leather, but give the illusion of leather from a distance.  They are however the comfiest of the leather/faux leather pants and leggings I have and usually the first I reach for when I want to look a little more hip than I really am...

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