Saturday, April 20, 2019

Currently Loving | Rattan Accessories, Simple Dresses and Blockprint Clothing

Hi friends!  I am so glad you liked the fashion post I did a couple weeks ago.  It was fun to see what you gravitated toward and what you purchased.  All things I hope you will enjoy!  While fashion seems a bit different from the decorating posts I typically do, I think the two go hand in hand.  I like to surround myself with things that make me feel pretty and comfortable.  The biggest difference with clothing though, is I tend not to think about purchases in the same way I do things for my home.  When it comes to my home, I sort of expect to keep it forever, or until it is worn out or damaged. With clothing,  I will tire of things more quickly and want to freshen up my wardrobe each season, not a complete overhaul, but to add something a little trendy here and there, a few new dresses each summer, that sort of thing.  Of course there are items  that are staples and have been in my closet for years - leather boots, cashmere sweaters, wool coats, great jeans, special occasion dresses, etc. and I consider those worth investing a bit more in.

Lately we've had the occasional warmer day and I've been busy making plans for our summer trip, along with picking up a few new things to wear.  I've noticed certain things selling out quickly and thought that if I waited till June to share them with you, nothing would be left for you to buy if there were items you really liked too.  So, here is a round up of the things I've ordered and love!

This dress is super cute and flattering on.  The narrow shoulders and boat neckline make the trapeze shape of the dress work.  Love with sandals and big rattan earrings for now and with leggings and a long cardigan sweater for fall, in fact that's how I'm wearing it today because it's chilly again. (I think only the XS is left, but it comes in a jumpsuit version too.  I have the XS.)

Straw Tote with Monogram
I have a similar one from a few years ago.

Another thing I've been loving this spring is block print clothing. See?  My interior design loves come out in what I wear too! ;). Apparently everyone else is loving them too because NOTHING is staying in stock.  I waited for this blouse to be restocked for weeks and it was finally restocked on Friday.  My size sold out in an hour so I went with the small instead.  I think it will be fine and plan to wear it with cut- offs or jeans.   I have a few dresses I'm waiting to be restocked too.  If and when they are, I will share them early with you because they are ADORABLE!

I've had these cutoffs for several years.  Super comfy and true to size.

I just ordered these.  I went up 1 size from my normal.  Also, super comfy.
These are a perfect example of something I will not keep for years to come.  A season or two maybe.  But they are inexpensive and flattering, even though I'm probably pushing the age where I should be wearing distressed cut-offs anyway, but I'll give them up when I give up bikinis.  Haha.  Don't plan to anytime soon...

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