Friday, December 22, 2017

Christmas Cookies | Pistachio Glazed Sugar Cookies | New Recipes

The boys got out of school on Wednesday and we've (Charlie and I) been busy in the kitchen ever since.  Gingerbread house making and cookie baking!  On Thursday, Charlie and I spent about 6 hours making 4 different Christmas cookies!  I thought I would share what we made since we tried a couple new recipes that were excellent. A few cookies were packed up to share and many more have already been eaten by us.  Tomorrow I have my annual nutcracker day with Andrew when we hunt through antique stores to find an oldie to add to his collection.  I like having some one on one traditions with each of my children that we can look forward to each holiday season.
Here are the links and my notes on each cookie we made:
We tried a new recipe from Elizabeth and Butter and they were super delicious!  I did roll our dough thinner for a crispier cookie.  Some we decorated with sparkling sugar before baking and others we decorated with royal icing after baking.  They are just a bit spicier (not spicy, but more gingerbread-y) and crispier than my old gingerbread recipe, which is here.  We all enjoyed both recipes and but I love that this one is free of artificial ingredients.  If you want a more mellow and softer texture gingerbread I would use my old recipe, if you want a more traditional gingerbread I would use the new recipe.   My favorite royal icing recipe is here, which I used this time too.

^^ Topped with sparkling sugar before baking.  I know it looks like sea salt.  Haha^^

This was my favorite cookie that we made!  So different!  There is ground pistachio in the dough and crumbled on top.  The olive oil makes them especially light in texture and crispy.  These were less popular with my kids.  The dough is VERY soft and a bit sticky when rolling out so use lots of flour on the surface and rolling pin.  That smear of glaze is the perfect finishing touch!  

The most nostalgic Christmas cookie! I use the tried and true Betty Crocker recipe.  My mum always made these and so did Jimmy's. My kids have a tendency to eat the kisses off the top and leave the cookie.

This has been one of my favorite recipes for years.  Perfect with coffee!  They are the best chocolate biscotti I have ever eaten.  


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