Wednesday, December 27, 2017

christmas 2017

It's hard for me to believe Christmas is over.  It went by even faster than normal this year. Isn't that just life though?  I know we all keep saying it.  We had a really lovely Christmas season, one that makes my heart full and so grateful.  We did all our favorite traditions and started some new ones too (Nantucket Christmas Stroll + wreath making!).  I blissfully has two healthy children for Christmas (not the case last year) and even though we didn't get the promised snow, the few flurries and chilly temps made it feel perfectly wintery!  Last year we started going to a new church and attending their beautiful Christmas Eve service for the first time was a highlight for me. The music brought me to tears.  
I didn't do a Christmas house tour like years past, but I posted little snippets on Instgram instead.  It's just so much easier!  But I love going back on this blog and looking at years past, so even though I've already shared some of these photos, I wanted to make them a little more permanent in a blog post.
The plans for the rest of the week include a fancy New Year's celebration at home, seeing a few new movies, some time spent playing board games and maybe a trip north to find some snow for sledding, if we can bear the frigid temps that is...

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