Sunday, March 12, 2017

Inspiration | A Country Home in Conneticut by Timothy Whealon

I've been spending my morning soaking up the sun in our family room and gathering fresh decorating inspiration.  A lazy Sunday morning, easing into the time change!  I recently started following the designer Timothy Whealon on instagram and spent some time today going through his portfolio.  I'm really drawn to the classic New England style featured in some of his designs, like this country home in Connecticut.  I think it's so important, especially when I'm helping clients with their decorating decisions, to both know what I love and why I love it.  I recently had a new client inquiry, from the sweetest fellow blogger, but I knew pretty quickly that we likely weren't the right fit for each other.  A lot of designers can dabble in lots of different styles, but I've found 99% of the time when people reach out to me for help with their own homes it's because we share a similar style.  They know the look they want but need help achieving it.  They know what inspires them but maybe not how to translate images from magazines and pinterest into their own home.  They typically want to know what would I do if it were my home.  I know if I was seeking the help of a decorator or designer, I would find one who's own style I admire and love.  So with that in mind, I try to take the time to really break down the elements I'm drawn to when I come across something that inspires me.  This home has so many... It is the style of decorating I'm most drawn too. Warm, inviting, nothing trendy or attention grabbing, a clean and classic interpretation of country style, that feels timeless.

^^ Gorgeous millwork in a pretty warm white, black iron finish on the lighting, a pretty dusty gray blue mixed in with the textiles, woven shades for texture in the adjoining room, dark finish on the wood legs and floor.^^

^^I love all the warm tones in here and the iron lighting fixtures, with a couple painted antique pieces to keep it feeling fresh and relaxed.  I do think it helps to keep the fabrics free from pattern when using a large patterned rug to ground the space, especially in a very open space like this where too much pattern will make things feel cluttered.. ^^

^^ Bell jar lanterns and a little more of that dusty, gray color on the upper walls.  I too like to mix in a cooler tone here and there in a home with lots of warm tones to keep it feeling fresh.  ^^

^^White kitchens will forever be the most classic to me^^
^^It goes without saying that my love for check fabrics runs deep.  Can you really have a country home without it?  I think not. ;)^^

Hope you enjoyed this one as much as I did!

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