Sunday, March 12, 2017

Inspiration | A Country Home in Conneticut by Timothy Whealon

I've been spending my morning soaking up the sun in our family room and gathering fresh decorating inspiration.  A lazy Sunday morning, easing into the time change!  I recently started following the designer Timothy Whealon on instagram and spent some time today going through his portfolio.  I'm really drawn to the classic New England style featured in some of his designs, like this country home in Connecticut.  I think it's so important, especially when I'm helping clients with their decorating decisions, to both know what I love and why I love it.  I recently had a new client inquiry, from the sweetest fellow blogger, but I knew pretty quickly that we likely weren't the right fit for each other.  A lot of designers can dabble in lots of different styles, but I've found 99% of the time when people reach out to me for help with their own homes it's because we share a similar style.  They know the look they want but need help achieving it.  They know what inspires them but maybe not how to translate images from magazines and pinterest into their own home.  They typically want to know what would I do if it were my home.  I know if I was seeking the help of a decorator or designer, I would find one who's own style I admire and love.  So with that in mind, I try to take the time to really break down the elements I'm drawn to when I come across something that inspires me.  This home has so many... It is the style of decorating I'm most drawn too. Warm, inviting, nothing trendy or attention grabbing, a clean and classic interpretation of country style, that feels timeless.

^^ Gorgeous millwork in a pretty warm white, black iron finish on the lighting, a pretty dusty gray blue mixed in with the textiles, woven shades for texture in the adjoining room, dark finish on the wood legs and floor.^^

^^I love all the warm tones in here and the iron lighting fixtures, with a couple painted antique pieces to keep it feeling fresh and relaxed.  I do think it helps to keep the fabrics free from pattern when using a large patterned rug to ground the space, especially in a very open space like this where too much pattern will make things feel cluttered.. ^^

^^ Bell jar lanterns and a little more of that dusty, gray color on the upper walls.  I too like to mix in a cooler tone here and there in a home with lots of warm tones to keep it feeling fresh.  ^^

^^White kitchens will forever be the most classic to me^^
^^It goes without saying that my love for check fabrics runs deep.  Can you really have a country home without it?  I think not. ;)^^

Hope you enjoyed this one as much as I did!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Spring Finds for Your Home

With spring in the air I always get the itch to freshen things up around our home.  There have been quite a few things that have caught my eye lately and thought it would be fun to share.  
Some have already made their way into my home.

Gorgeous Lamps || I have been anxiously awaiting this launch at Circa. My jaw always drops when I see Christopher Spitzmiller lamps, but they are a serious investment.  This new line, while not exactly bargain priced, certainly makes his gorgeous pieces more accessible to many.  I have my eye on one...

Watercolor Figure Study || Adding black and white abstract art or nude sketches instantly adds a sophisticated layer to a vignette.  I am seeing LOTS of black and white art everywhere.  If you want to dip your toes into the look and still have something original, these figure studies done by my friend and talented designer, Brooke Chamblee, are perfect.  You can find them here on Instagram at Studio South Collection.  I have one being framed as we speak.   

The Perfect Check Chair ||  I recently recommended this chair in the brown check for a client.  I absolutely adore it in every color.  Found here from Serena and Lily.

Pretty Spring Table Linens || Jenny just launched her spring collection today and her pretty block print linens are perfect for giving us an excuse to entertain. They would be so pretty lining little Easter baskets too, which is how I plan to use them.  Found here.  

The Best Spring Scent || I purchased the Martha's Vineyard Farmhouse candle after blogging about this design duo and I'm obsessed with the scent.  I immediately ordered a second.  So fresh and clean.  I will use it all spring and summer long.  A handmade, soy candle, scented with natural oils - the best kind.  You can purchase here.

For Your Closet ||  Isn't this the prettiest spring dress?!  I love the bows on the sleeves.  I really haven't bought much in the way of new clothes the last couple years.  I try to add one or two special items each season and that seems to fit the bill.  It's nice to have something new to wear, especially out for a date night.  This dress has me dreaming of summer vacation in Nantucket.  Found here.

Woven Planters || I was on the hunt last year for pretty basket planters and had a tough time finding ones I liked.  Terrain has the mother load this season.  I will be adding a few of them around our home.  You can never have too many baskets! :)  Link here.

Friday, March 3, 2017

My Home Office | Before and After

Despite the quick snow flurry we had this morning, spring seems to have arrived early this year.  Daffodils have popped up, trees are in bloom, everything is feeling fresh and alive again. I have started to make my list of spring repairs and home updates - rotten pickets in our fence that need replacing, dinged up cabinets in our kitchen that need touching up, removing Christmas greenery from our window boxes (yes, still there and surprisingly looking very green-ish).  It got me thinking that I have yet to share my home office that was updated, ohhh, welllll, last summer!! Yikes.  I even took photos but then never got around to writing the blog post and when the holiday season rolled around I decided to wait and then forgot about it.  Even though I've actually added a few things since these pics were taken, I thought it was high time to blog about the space.   Thank you all for being so patient.  I'm amazed I still have readers at all with the time it takes me to get things up!!

A little background... My office is a room right off our master bedroom.  It is part of a two story addition that was added in the late 50s which included our master bath and the downstairs family room.  It is a small space, more of a sitting/dressing room since it includes three closets.  It was the last room in our home that remained completely untouched decorating wise.  The only room with wall to wall carpet, which was old and faded.  Jimmy had been using it as a home office and it was my original intention to redo the space for him.  However, once I got started it made more sense for me to use this room as my work space.  It's easier to store bolts of fabric, spread out my work and take advantage of the better light and more private setting.  So, Jimmy moved downstairs and I moved up.  (His office is on my to do list for this year and I promised him this time I was designing for him!:))

I love this space and feel so fortunate to work in here several times a week.  My design plan was to create a space that felt like a summer cottage in New England.   I drew inspiration from all the wonderful places we have vacationed over the last 20 years.  For fabrics I choose my favorite English floral (Althea from Lee Jofa), a blue ticking stripe, and a small block print then I added a collection of art that includes early American portraits, seascapes, and an etching of Boston.   All the wood furniture are antiques from estate sales or local stores.  It is basically a room full of things that I love and flows so well with our green and blue bedroom next door...

photo by Helen Norman (with proper lighting! and accurate colors!)

Here are a few more pictures...
^^ Wall to wall seagrass carpet that I LOVE. I used Kalo by Design Materials seagrass. We did not add additional padding but if this was a main living space I would have.  This is the most comfortable seagrass we have in our home, but it's still seagrass and not plush.  Zero regrets on this decision and I would put this carpet in any room in our home without any hesitation.  I have since added added to the small gallery wall and moved everything around a bit.  I also added a small Bowood pillow to the wingback chair. I wish I could show you the pretty view outside of so many lovely trees.

Other Sources: Desk chair: IKEA, Desk: Pine, vintage, Baskets + Lamp: Ballard,  Roman Shade: Lee Jofa, Althea, Footstool Fabric: Robert Allen, Wingback: Craigslist find, slipped in washed denim ticking, Wing Chair Pillow: Les Indiennes, Fabiola, Paint on Walls, Trim, Ceiling and Windows: Farrow & Ball, French Gray^^

^^Standing lamp: Rejuvenation Hardware^^

^^Taken on a very sunny day, all colors read warmer in this picture than in real life.^^

I really should have charged up my camera to take some new shots and from a few more angles.  I didn't realize how hazy these shot were, but the thought of cleaning up my desk and all the projects laid out on my floor is more than I wanted to take on. :)  Sometimes you just got to go with good enough. Ha.  Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!  Always fun to share a little of my home with you.  Have a terrific weekend!