Monday, February 20, 2017

Inspiration | Charming Hampton Cottages

While at Andrew's swim meet this weekend I picked up the Feb/March issue of Cottages & Bungalows.  There was a really beautiful bookstore located a mile from the pool and it was the perfect spot to kill a little time in between prelims and finals.  I always make a bee line to the shelter magazine section in a new bookstore - so surprising, right? ;)  I love the chance to discover a magazine or designer that is new to me.  This time it was an introduction to the work of Bernt Heiberg and William Cummings of  Heiberg Cummings Design.  Their Sag Harbor cottage is absolutely perfect.  A little Scandinavian sensibility mixed with a whole lot of classic charm.

As much as I'm a pattern layering lover, I occasionally come across a home like this and have a strong desire to simplify.  This home,  while void of pattern, is layered with warm neutral shades of ivory, sage green and flax with a little  dark gray and black in the accessories and hardware.  There are very utilitarian antiques mixed with more ornate side chairs.  And so many white candles! It's really a perfect vacation home, though I could easily live in it year round.  Here are the photos, found on the Cottages and Gardens website.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

(the colors in this shot are a little warmer in the magazine, and appear somewhat washed out online)

^^The green walls and windows remind me of my own office, a color that is soothing and refreshing at the same time.  Sadly, no sources are shared in the article.^^

^^ Adore this white bedroom and luxurious linen bedding. ^^

^^The floors in this cottage are AMAZING^^

I also loved another Hampton project, Towd Point Cottage, found in the portfolio on their website.

^^chippy farmhouse island paired with iron candle holder is a repeated theme.  But it doesn't look too country when surrounded by the simple, clean lines and practical white dishes of the kitchen.^^

^^ more black frames and old rugs to add contrast amidst all the neutrals^^

You can also buy their soy candles on etsy, which I couldn't resist doing myself. 
 I let you know what I think of the scent. 

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