Friday, February 10, 2017

A couple fabrics I'm loving

Happy Friday, all!  This was such a fast week!  As usual, I haven't meant to stay away as long as I have from this blog.  I do have some fun posts in the works that I hope to share soon.  And by "in the works", I'm referring to my mind.  Haha. ;) Until then, maybe I can squeeze in a few shorter posts. Today, I thought I'd blog about a couple fabrics that have been stuck in my head for awhile now.

Over the last 6 months or so, I've slowly been making a few changes in our living room.  One has been to add a bit of blue into the fabrics.  I definitely lean a bit warmer when it comes to color schemes and wanted to keep that consistent throughout the downstairs, yet I feel blue can easily be mixed in as a neutral and really freshens things up, both with textiles and accessories.  I posted a picture of a couple new pillows I added to the sofa on Instagram earlier in the week (see picture on the left). After I posted the picture, I moved the pillows.  If I don't love it immediately, I usually fiddle with it till I do.  Turns out I preferred the floral on the chairs in front of my fireplace and the small Ikat print wasn't quite me so it will need to find a new home.  I'm not the only one like this, am I?!  Anyway... I still want to add some blue to the sofa, so I went back to these photos that I have been saving and think they might work better.

The first is Mimosa Vine from Carolina Irving. 

Designer Mark Sikes, Mimosa Vine is on the sham.

Design by Mark Sikes, see it in a pillow on the banquette

On the chair in Carolina Irving's living room

Mark Sikes again, in his Hollywood Hills home, clearly it's a favorite fabric of his too.
Designer Matthew Carter, from Instagram.  Mimosa Vine on the curtains.  It looks much darker here than in some of the above pictures but they are all the Delft colorway, lighting and filters just make them appear different.  

The other fabric on my radar is Blue Stripe from Penny Morrison.  It is one of my all time favorite blue stripes.  I've had a sample sitting on my desk for a long time and it works with EVERYTHING. 

So beautiful on a chair.  Photo from Nicola Lawrence on Instagram (which is a gorgeous and inspiring feed for fabric lovers!) I think it would be so pretty on a skirted round table in an entry too.

Design by Penny Morrison and Mark Sikes, stripe on the chairs

Another Mark Sikes (he has recently updated his portfolio pictures on his website and you can spend a whole afternoon getting lost in them - so inspiring!) You can see the blue stripe peeking out on a pillow.


Enjoy your weekend!

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