Monday, November 28, 2016

thanksgiving table in pictures

I know we've all moved on to Christmas decor (myself included!)  however since I enjoy the process of creating a pretty table to entertain and celebrate with family, I wanted to share a few pictures I took of ours on Thanksgiving morning long before our guests arrived.  I also promised to share my Mum's stuffing recipe  (our favorite!) that I made for the first time this year.  In typical fashion though,  now that I've prepared it, I would like to make just a few adjustments to the recipe before I blog it, so you might have to wait until next November (sorry!) before I share it.  Why can't I just leave well enough alone?!  Ha.  Usually it is steps to simplify the recipe and that's the case this time too.

We had a nice Thanksgiving with my parents and my brother and his family.    There was a lot of cousin time over their stay too.  I made waaaaay too much food and we didn't even eat all our left overs. My favorite new recipe was one for pumpkin pie that was actually made by a friend.  It's another recipe I need to try make myself before I share - it was the best pumpkin pie I've ever eaten.  I believe the secret is in using homemade pumpkin puree!  And molasses!  :)  Here are a few pics of the adult (plus Andrew) table.  The flowers still look perfect today - 6 days after making the arrangement!  Hope each of you had much to be thankful for this year and were able to enjoy the holiday with people you love.


  1. The table is beautiful. I love the china!!! I think you have told us before the pattern. I also love that you use taper candles. Almost no one uses them anymore. I don't think any matches their elegance.I watched my mom prepare her cornbread dressing which is to die for. Southern girl here. She has no written recipe or measurements, so I took lots of pictures and tried to estimate how much of things she threw in. I am going to attempt making it on my own soon while it is fresh on my mind.

  2. Lovely, Tessa! Your flower arrangement looks beautiful in that green pumpkin! I used similar flowers in my arrangement this year ( I like your use of pine cones along with the mini pumpkins. Your window arrangement is pretty too! Thank you for sharing these photos. I'm looking forward to seeing your Christmas decorations next!
    Claudia, My Little Bungalow

  3. I love the table and the window adornments. We didn't eat all of our leftovers either. Note to self, maybe prepare just a little less of everything next year! :-)
    I love this time of year and look forward to completing my Christmas decorating...almost there.