Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy November

Mark Sikes and Nora Murphy make such glorious collage boards each season, that I was inspired to create one of my own, pictured above, with all the warm neutrals, copper tones and wonderful textures of Autumn.   Just looking at it makes me want to start planning our Thanksgiving menu and table setting, plus it motivates me to finish up a few decorating projects in time for the holidays.  While all the shops have turned on their Christmas music and started to fill the aisles with everything red and green, I'm still hanging on to all that I love about my favorite season till after the Thanksgiving dishes are cleaned up and put away.  We had a very mild October, causing the tree colors to peak late this year.  The photo left was taken just yesterday.  It made for the MOST picture perfect treat or treating last night.   It's one of my favorite days of the year, starting with the school Halloween parade (all grades from kindergarten to seniors in high school march - either as an elementary student or in the marching band) through the village in the afternoon and ending with hundreds of dressed up children zipping through the streets with their candy pails in the evening. We ran out of candy this year, there were so many kids!  It makes me very thankful to live where we do and to watch my children experience this sort of storybook Halloween.  I just wish it hadn't gotten dark so quickly, so I could have taken more photos.  Here are a few...

^^ Black Panther ^^

^^ Andrew set up an awesome Haunted Trail on our backyard, with lots of help from my Mum who stayed to help out.  ^^


  1. What a beautiful street! I too am going to love all that is Thanksgiving. Then I can turn on the Christmas switch.

  2. I'm so glad you posted today because it reminded me that I had something to share with you. First and foremost, your kiddos are adorable and it looks like they had a blast!
    I wanted to tell you about a Bed & Breakfast that we love near Cincinnati. It's called Burlington Graves and it's in Burlington, KY. We've been many times (and love it more every time) and for some reason you popped into my head this time because it reminds me so much of your style and charm. Anyway, look it up when you get a chance. I know it's relatively close to you, so maybe if you and your husband need a little respite, this might be the perfect place! The owners are simply fantastic!

  3. It looks like you had a wonderful Halloween! How nice that the kids dress up for the parade all the way through high school. Our parades only go through 5th grade so I went to my very last one yesterday. So sad since we've been attending these since preschool. Time goes too fast! I agree with you about enjoying the fall a little more. We host Thanksgiving so I don't put any Christmas out until the day after! No rushing things around here!
    Enjoy your week! - Shelley

  4. I agree with you that it gets dark too early! If I don't take pictures right away I can't get any without the horrible flash!

    Looks like your family had a wonderful Halloween! Enjoy November!

  5. We were just in Cincinnati not long ago for family weekend at Xavier and were noticing the pretty the foliage. It has been a beautiful Autumn! We host Thanksgiving for our family and enjoy it very much. Your Halloween festivities look like fun! November is sure off to a great start, too!!

  6. Don't you love the idea of creating a mood board for each month? I'm always so inspired by Nora's as well. And now you've inspired me to make one of my own! Yours is beautiful. Happy November.