Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Inspiration | a picture perfect log cabin + design crush

Today I'm featuring a log cabin designed by the ever inspiring, Charleston based designer, Tammy Conner.  I was introduced to Tammy's work years ago by best friend from high school, Mindy.  Tammy and Mindy went to college together and were sorority sisters at Wake Forest.  Mindy knows me better than almost anyone in the world and when she told me I would adore Tammy's work, I knew it would be amazing.  Tammy recently updated her website and portfolio and it's worth a visit.  A long visit.  One home is more stunning than the last.  These are definitely high end designs, but they exude warmth and are wonderfully approachable.  Lots of antiques, incredible textiles, classic style, thoughtful details - all things you can incorporate at any budget and over time.  On her website she says she creates "exquisite interiors that feel gracious, uncomplicated and inviting."  A perfect description. With Autumn here and temperatures about to drop, it felt so fitting to share this one on the blog today...  Enjoy!

 ^^this home is a wonderful example of pairing the warm tones of traditional neutrals along with dusty blues and blue greens, a look I'm moving toward more in our own home^^
 ^^ A favorite Rogers and Goffigon print used on the slips^^

 ^^This room is my favorite.  That sweet print, that looks like it might be Chelsea Editions, on the throw pillows and windows is just perfect.  And I love the red lamps and pop of plaid. ^^

So, so good, right?  See more of her work here.


  1. So, So good!!!! Thank you for introducing Tammy. This is perfection!

  2. I love the details in the rooms you've shown. It's so inviting. Thanks for the introduction, I'll have to check out the link.

  3. Her stuff is amazing! She did the interiors at the country club here and they are some of my favorite!! Her colors and patterns are all so warm. My favorite! One of my friends had the chance to work with her out of college and learned a ton! Love that you have found her too!!!

  4. Just browsed through her portfolio and it was so enjoyable!! Thanks Tessa for the introduction!

  5. Oh my! I think I will be spending (wasting?) some time on her site. I would love to know what that fabric (crewel?) is on the bench in front of the fireplace.

  6. This is such a beautiful cabin and a perfect Fall post. It's making me long for a cabin of my own! With temperatures finally dipping (slightly) here in Southern California its finally feeling like Fall might be here to stay...I hope. It's m favorite time of the year. Thanks for sharing.