Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Inspiration | Insta-stalking Gray Antiques' Kitchen

When I come across a wonderful new insta-feed it's like pure gold to me.  Finding a home full of soul, with collected antiques, charming details, character filled interiors, and classic, timeless appeal will get me every time.  When I first came across Gray Antiques and Interior's  I knew I'd found another gem.  (Link to instagram: grayantiques and link to website:  

There are a lot of interiors at the moment that I feel look great in a 3x3 photo or as part of super cohesive Instagram feed where they've been brightened to perfection, yet they aren't homes or rooms I can imagine living in.  It's not a negative judgment to those beautiful homes, because I know the care and thoughtfulness that go into creating them - there is certainly room in the world for all styles!  It's just that I crave inspiration from homes that feel more in line with my own style and as a self-taught decorator there is such value in knowing and curating your own aesthetic.  When new clients come to me for help with their homes, I like to have a repertoire of inspiration, both old and fresh, from which to draw ideas, so I consider it part of my business to hone in and study spaces that speak to me, and I've been studying (admiring) these pics since I first saw them.

I'm currently helping a friend with her kitchen renovation, so I have kitchens on the brain all the time (Hi Matt and Katie!)  The kitchen from Gray's Antiques (recently renovated) is what first drew me in.  It's a classic off white kitchen that just looks and feels so good.  According to her insta-feed (yep, total stalker...) the walls are painted Benjamin Moore French Canvas, the off white cabinets are from National Lumber, the counters are quartz (you all know I'm a fan) they are Viatera in Minuel, antique brass hardware, and 3x6 Whisper Perla glossy white subway tile, the floors are Provincial Walnut Stain.

Here are a few more shots.  For more, check out her insta-feed...

(all photos in post from Gray Antiques, Instagram)

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  1. Tessa,
    You find the best places for me to dream! I followed your links for Gray Antiques and Interiors and went down the rabbit hole in awe of their style. Truthfully, not to sound like a total stalker, but when I found your house via the Christmas issue, I visited your site and studied every detail of your lovely home. You have inspired a few minor changes in my own house and I feel like you bring a warmth to each room.
    So thanks for the lead on this new (to me) inspirational site.

    1. That's so kind, Karen, thank you. We all inspire each other! That's what keeps my blogging and insta-gramming! :) xx

  2. It's a lovely home, indeed, but I do feel that your home seems more cozy, especially your gorgeous kitchen. I appreciated what you said about knowing and curating our own style and aesthetic. We should be true to ourselves and not current trends, and you do just that, Tessa! I tend to lean toward a more cottage/farmhouse style. I am presently stalking craigslist for two specific items--reproduction black Hitchcock dining chairs with stenciling and rush woven seats(the real thing is too expensive!) and an antique pine chest of drawers. But as you always say, it should come together slowly and thoughtfully. :)

    1. thanks, Isabella. good luck with your hunt, sounds like you have a good wish list!!

  3. Definitely looks like a good one to stalk! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I appreciate so much your sharing this account Tessa! First you introduced me to Nora Murphy and now this! Classic is always my goal with big dash of cozy and little sprinkle of whimsy. Someday when I'm in a forever home and my 3 rowdy boys aren't so small I hope to have you help me fine tune my style and spaces.

  5. You always find the best things! I'm so glad to see your posts! We have the same taste, and I know that I will love what I see on Nine and Sixteen.