Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Ticking 101 | My favorite blue ticking fabrics

I recently had a blue ticking slipcover made for the wingback chair in our office, which by the way, is essentially finished.  I have one bare wall begging for some art but I just haven't found the right pieces yet.  The changes that I have made though, really make me happy, I love how it has turned out.  It has a very relaxed New England cottage feeling that makes me want to spend time in there.  With the seagrass carpet, the mix of dark wood and pine antiques, the folk art portrait (that we are convinced is a whaling captain since our visit to the Nantucket Whaling museum that was filled with very similar portraits) and the English floral romans... I can almost pretend to walk outside and be close to the sea. Almost. Lately, I'm smacked in the face with heat and humidity

Originally I had planned for this wingback to serve as a desk chair, but once we had it in place it looked so perfect in the corner paired with a reading lamp and footstool, so stay in the corner it did.  I added a white slipped parson's chair to the desk instead.

I found the chair at a consignment store for $50.  It is brand new.  It came from inventory in a furniture store that was going out of business.  I knew I wanted a blue ticking slip, but a fresh ticking not a homespun country ticking. So, I ordered lots of samples and settled on an inexpensive white and blue that feels perfectly fresh and just country enough, without conjuring up images of shops filled with cranberry and cinnamon scented candles. You know what I mean?  Maybe it's just a midwestern thing, but we have lots of those shops!

It really helped to see all the samples side by side, as well as paired along with the other fabrics I used in the room. I also did a lot of pinterest searching to see examples of some of these fabric in use.  I happily found several really pretty options that would have all worked well.  Hopefully, these pictures are a helpful guide for your next ticking project! I love some of them for their names alone, Wellfleet Ticking, Nantucket Chambray, see why I conjure up visions of a seaside cottage ...

^^ See left (Covington Classics New Woven Ticking 55 Navy) is more cream and navy and right (Covington Classics New Woven Ticking 51 Denim) is more white and lighter blue?  The fabric on the right is the one I ended up using because it felt crisper in this room against the darker walls.  It looks a little lighter blue in this picture because of lighting, see pic below for more accurate color ^^

^^ zoom in to really see difference in each of these samples.^^

1. Ian Mankin Ticking 01 Sky
2. Serena & Lily Indigo Pinstripe Cotton F2-3019A
3. Magnolia Home Fashions Ticking Stripe Denim (
4. Ian Mankin Ticking 2 Sky
5. Covington Classics New Woven Ticking 51 Denim Blue (my slipcover fabric)
6. Serena & Lily Oxford Stripe Cotton F2-3025A  || same as Lee Industry Nantucket Chambray
7. Ian Mankin Ticking 01 Indigo
8. 47 ACA Blue Ticking (Online Fabric Store (dot) Net) - very thick cotton)
9. Ian Mankin Ticking 2 Airforce (I almost chose this one)
10. Trend, pattern #02977, Indigo
11. Covington Classics New Woven Ticking 55 Navy
12. Schumacher Wesley Ticking Stripe, Delft
13. Essex, French Blue, DE01,
14. Robert Allen, Ticking, Caviar
15. Magnolia Home, Ticking Stripe, Navy (
16. Schumacher, Wellfleet Ticking, Ocean
17. Magnolia Home Fashions, Polo Sail (



  1. Tessa,
    Your room is just beautiful! Thank you for bringing us along and sharing your decision making process. It is so helpful. Do you mind sharing what seagrass you ended up selecting? I may have missed that, but I am about to begin that process soon. Thank you. Your home and family are beautiful!

  2. I love how this looks! Crisp and classic and not country. Plus the modern lamp and the sea captain are great foils. Funny enough, I'm gathering samples for a ticking stripe slipcover too. Was leaning more gray or black but I'll definitely check out Covington Classics. Thanks Tess!

  3. Ha! I have that same secretary in my living room--and another just like it in storage from my MIL. I was surprised that my daughter asked for the secretary from her grandmother's things after she died last summer. I guess we never know what makes an impression on them when they are young. Your room looks lovely.

  4. Your amazing bargain chair turned out perfectly! It was always meant to be dressed in a blue ticking stripe. And, sitting beside the beautiful floor lamp, it is just so good. I have always been drawn to blue and white stripes. My earliest memories of pillow ticking are at my grandmother's home. She was so talented with her sewing machine. I remember buying the stiffer, canvas type ticking fabric that was narrow in width with her. I am not even sure what we did with it. I love your selection. Thank you for bringing it here. I like a lot of them for different reasons. And, your seagrass is looking good!

  5. I love the fit of the slip cover. It's tailored with the convenience of removal for cleaning. I hope you'll share the room once you feel it's ready. It looks wonderful from the bit I can view by the chair.
    Only 49 more days until autumn! :-)

  6. Tessa,
    I hope you receive this email, I didn't know how else to contact you. I was wondering if you could tell me the source of the basket that holds your Christmas tree, I actually discovered your site due to the wonderful article in Country Living last year. I may have read that the basket was no longer available at the source where you found it, but I thought there might be a lead from your original source. I realize autumn hasn't arrived yet, but I would love a basket holder for the new tree we're ordering to replace our old tree.
    If you get this and have a minute I'd love to hear from you. Your site is wonderful.

    1. The basket came from Homegoods. My biggest tip is to make sure you have your tree stand measurements along with you when basket shopping to ensure an easy fit. Good luck!

  7. I'm redoing the rooms at our lakehouse and I am absolutely in love with the vintage look of mattress ticking. Like summer camp back in the 50's! I am in love with a small but wonderful website called Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. You might like to visit.

    I see your replies to comments. Do they come to the blogger by email? I'm just not sure that anyone would come back to your blog twice to check their comment and that's a time eater for you.. :(

    Jane x

    1. I love school house electric! :) I think you have to sign up to see comment replies and then they go directly to in box. Thanks!!

  8. Hi Tessa! Thanks so much for this. I do love ticking stripes, and shopping for fabric online can be hard. I wondered if you would mine sharing the fabric source for your pillow fabric. It looks so lovely with the chair, and I am planning a kitchen (I've studied yours a great deal in the process!) with blue and white accents for which I think this could be ideal. Thank you!