Saturday, July 2, 2016

Recipe | Watermelon and Shrimp summer salad

The majority of today was spent working on the prettiest design plan for a client's powder room (Hi, Suzanne!).  Summers are tricky for me and my decorating business. I really need a quiet house, without interruptions, for a few hours, to find my creative groove, so with Andrew spending the day at my parents and Charlie at the pool with his Dad, I took advantage and tried to pretend it wasn't a Saturday afternoon.  Tonight, I have plans to make a key lime pie after I publish this quick post and think up a dinner menu for tomorrow.  We are hosting a belated Father's Day celebration for my Dad and hopefully seeing some fireworks if the rain holds out.

I've been meaning to blog this recipe for um, the last 6 years.... It's one that a colleague gave me many years ago when I was still working at Procter & Gamble.  It was an instant summer favorite.  Over time I made a few tweaks, adding avocado and more cilantro,  adding less red onion.  It is perfect for sweltering days, when you don't want to cook but prefer not to eat out.  Full of so many of my favorite summer flavors like fresh squeezed lime juice, watermelon and cilantro.  The shrimp and avocado make it filling enough to serve as a meal, along with a baguette and a cold glass of Rose.  It takes less than 10 minutes to assemble and it is sooooo delicious and unexpected.  It would be perfect for this holiday weekend if you want to pass on the burgers and hotdogs.  Enjoy!

Recipe | Shrimp and Watermelon Summer Salad
4-5 cups watermelon, cut into chunks
1/4 of a medium sized red onion, diced
2 avocados, chopped
1 pound cooked shrimp, tails cut off
1 bunch cilantro, diced
2 jalapeños, seeded and diced
the juice of 1 lime
1 tsp honey
3 tablespoons olive oil
salt and pepper

Place watermelon, red onion, avocado, shrimp, jalapeno, shrimp and cilantro in a large bowl.  Drizzle with lime juice, olive oil, honey, salt and pepper and toss to combine all the ingredients.  Let sit 10-15 minutes to allow flavors to blend.


  1. HI Tessa! I can honestly say that I love what you have dreamed up for our house so far and can hardly wait to see the powder room plans! I'm glad to see you taking time to celebrate Father's Day and 4th of July festivities! Hope you have a fun and relaxing day with your family!

  2. I love salads like this and will certainly give it a try. I will have to substitute watermelon, which I love but the husband doesn't, with cantaloupe, which I think will taste good too.

    Hope you are having a great summer Tessa!

  3. I am going to definitely try this when our local watermelons are ripe. Should be in the next few weeks! So many of our favorite recipes are from you, I am sure this one will be as well. Enjoy your holiday weekend! 🇺🇸

  4. Hi Tessa, I have already made my shopping list for this salad. Can't wait to try it. I am wondering if there is a way to print the recipe without all the color photos or is it possible to Pin it?

  5. Wanted to check back in and say this salad is delicious! It so unusual and definitely an entree saiad. Perfect for these hot, summer evenings. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Just purchased all the ingredients to make this mouth watering salad. Looking forward to a nice dinner with my sister tomorrow night. Thank you for posting this recipe.

  7. Tessa,
    I made this salad last week, without the shrimp, As a side for my daughter's birthday dinner. Everyone loved it! Both my mom and my brother wanted the recipe. I was pleasantly surprised with how delicious it is, with such simple ingredients. I liked it far more than other watermelon recipes I've tried. Thank you for sharing it!

  8. Hi Tessa, I loved this watermelon and shrimp summer salad recipe. It looks very healthy, well explained and meaningful pictures. I'm giving this recipe a try. Thanks for sharing!
    Jennifer Brooks