Monday, July 25, 2016

Art | Swedish Watercolor Bird Prints

Mark D Sikes Southern living idea house

This weekend's unbearable heat was an excellent excuse to stay inside and catch up on some reading. I finished this book, it was an entertaining, good, summer mystery, even though I liked her first book a bit more.  I also picked up the latest issue of Southern Living Magazine.  I had seen a lot of the Idea House pictures via Instragm but I still prefer having a hard copy in my hands.  My favorite room was the living room from Mark D. Sikes.  Lots of layers of pretty and cozy neutrals, from some of my favorite textile designers.  I was especially drawn to the mass of bird prints.  I have seen these used by other well known designers (they are favorites of Bunny Williams and Tom Scheerer) and I was thankful to have a source so I could learn a little more about them.

They are copies of bird drawings by Swedish botanist and ornithologist, Olof Rudbeck.  He traveled on mission to northern Sweden in 1695 and returned with a collection of beautiful watercolor drawings of birds.  I love them for their simple graphic impact in a room and their easy muted neutral color palette.  They look so pretty in a group, especially when they are the focal point of the room.

Here are some examples taken from the Ornis Gallery website.  In all of these they are really the predominate, and often only, art in the space.

The following are from Tom Scheerer's website:
^^I especially like them grouped in a hallway, entrance or going up a staircase.  I also like them covering the expanse of wall from top to bottom. ^^

There is an absolutely gorgeous online selection at the Ornis Gallery with prices starting at $350 and up.  Less expensive options, starting at $20, can be found at Nostalgia Fine Art.



  1. I spent Sat pouring over my Southern Living mag, & loved Mark Sikes room as well. Thanks for sharing some great new (to me) resources!

  2. I love these prints and have admired the larger ones when I spot them in a room. Thanks for the source for finding them if I ever decide to create room for one. You know how that is. :-)