Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas | Brunch Menu + Table

Merry Christmas!  I'm enjoying a little peace and quiet in front of the fire now that all the excitement of the day has passed.  The boys were up at 7:15 (really just Charlie, but he was offering wake up service for the rest of us). Over the next hour all the stockings and gifts were opened and then while the boys got busy enjoying their new things, I finished up our brunch prep.  My parents came over to spend the morning and afternoon with us.  It was a relaxing and good Christmas.  Andrew made a little film for us to watch and Charlie showed off some new basketball tricks and moves.  I thought I would share my brunch menu and links to the recipes.  There were a couple new items that I really enjoyed.  This would be a wonderful New Year's Day or special occasion brunch too.  It is easy to assemble with a couple day in advance items which is the best part about hosting brunch!

^^ Paperwhites were in full bloom.  The above was taken on a brighter day earlier in the week.^^

^^ I packed up some peppermint bark for my parents to take home.  Details and recipe to follow in next blog post. ^^

Menu || Recipe Links
Ham and Cheese Stuffed French Toast (made day before)
Herb Scrambled Eggs (see below)
Bacon (not pictured, I took picture after we ate and it was all gone.)
Whipped Yogurt with Fruit
Sour Cream Coffee Cake (I make this in a bundt pan instead and place all streusel topping in the middle.  I also made this the day before and covered with plastic wrap)

(The yogurt was so delish.  I served with it fresh pineapple, toasted coconut, dried bananas and papaya.)

To make the scrambled eggs - In a large bowl, whisk 8 eggs, add 2 TBS heavy cream, salt + pepper, 4 ounces cream cheese and a handful of diced basil, parsley and green onions.  Warm a couple TBS of butter in a large skillet and cook eggs slowly over low heat until just set.  (Stir frequently while cooking)


  1. Beautiful classic touches throughout the presentation! I especially like the Williamsburg type of floral d├ęcor! It is elegantly festive!

  2. A beautiful table with delicious looking food! Lucky guests! Happy New Year, Tessa.

  3. Hello
    Your house is so cozy and beautifully decorated. I really like your living room curtains and wanted to ask what color floral ?

    1. Thank you! The floral drapes in my living room are a very old (18 years) Laura Ashley fabric. I miss the old Laura Ashley fabrics so much!!

  4. Love the table. Please tell me where you found the salad plates.

  5. Can't wait to try these recipes, thanks for sharing! I love hosting brunch but always feel unmotivated to make dinner that night. What do you do about dinner of brunch days?

  6. Can't wait to try these recipes, thanks for sharing! I have made many of your recipes and they have become our family favorites. Please keep posting. Hosting brunch always leaves me clueless on what to make for dinner that day. What did you do for dinner that night?