Friday, September 25, 2015

Mark Your Calendars | Cincinnati Art & Antique Festival | Suzanne Kasler & Kreis Beall

This year marks the 50th Anniversary for the Cincinnati Arts & Antique Festival.  I've been attending this event since I was in high school and it was probably one of the first places I fell in love with antiques, though it wasn't until I graduated from college that I began acquiring things for myself and really learning the joy of the hunt!

Each year's festival kicks off with a lecture + luncheon open to all with a ticket purchase.  You can buy tickets in advance by visiting  or by calling 513-561-0950.  The luncheon is on October 23rd at 11:00 at Cincinnati's Music Hall and is expected to sell out.  (ticket for lunch and lecture also covers admittance to the antique show)   I'm incredibly excited for this year's speakers, Suzanne Kasler and Kreis Beall.  I turn so often to their work for inspiration and can't wait to see them in person.  They make great design look effortless.

Design rockstar, Suzanne Kasler, likely needs no introduction, certainly not to all of you that read this blog.  Her classic and timeless interiors are probably all over your pinterest boards just like they are mine.  There are very few designers whose work I can go to time and time again, trying to pinpoint the magic, but Suzanne is one of them.  She says, "rooms should be collected, not decorated" and I couldn't agree more.  Making it so fitting that she should speak at an antique show, since
incorporating items with history, patina, and age are the perfect way to achieve the feeling that a room or home has evolved over time.  Rooms need balance, everything shouldn't be brand new and accessorizing shouldn't be a one stop trip to Home Goods, no matter how convenient it is. :)  There is still a misconception that antiques and art are reserved for those with big budgets, but that just isn't true.  What they do require though, is a willingness to look for the right pieces and that takes time and patience.  I know those are things we are all in short supply of these days, but it is so worth it when you end up with rooms that stand the test of time and are filled with meaning and soul. One of my favorite projects of Suzanne's is the work she did at Blackberry Farm (pictured at the top of this post), which is where Kreis Beall comes in the picture.

Kreis and her husband bought Blackberry Farm as their family home back in the 70s and have since turned it into one of the most beautiful, luxury country inns in the US.  Kreis now works as Director of Design, managing a team of designers, at the farm.  Their work has been widely published in shelter magazines and featured on TV.  Kreis worked with Suzanne to design her own family home on the property and they will share their experience at the lecture on October 23rd.  I can't wait to soak up their wisdom and insights.  It is worth a road trip if you are even half the fan I am of their work.  If you do come, please make sure you say hi and introduce yourself - I'd love to meet you!   Here are some of my favorites from both Suzanne's portfolio and Blackberry Farm Inn.  Enjoy!

^^ Suzanne often uses pewter as art, like in this wonderful kitchen.  Antique pewter is a great collectible item since it is easy to display in groups and pretty to use. It's always on my short list of items I look for at antique shows. ^^

^^ A room Kasler designed at Blackberry Farm.  So warm, cozy and timeless.  All those layers of warm neutrals with the mix of woods and stone is just so welcoming! ^^

^^ Above two images are from the Blackberry Design Team led by Beall^^

^^Kasler dining room^^

^^ The monogrammed bolster - so gorgeous. From Kasler^^

^^Kasler entry.  Striped rug and shiplap walls make it approachable and cozy. even in a grand home.^^

^^From Blackberry Farm Design Team, rustic and fresh at the same time.^^


  1. I've been in search of some inspiration for the outside of my house lately. I love these images of the exteriors! I love our home but I feel like it's lacking some curb appeal. Do you have a favorite source to seek inspiration? Especially for the exterior?

    Have fun at the festival! Sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. Oh you lucky lucky girl!! I LOVE their work! How wonderful to get to hear them together. Wow! And at an antique show at that. It is kind of a far drive from Georgia for this, so I guess I will have to pass on the event. (boohoo.) Saw several pieces of pewter today at an estate sale. My mother in law has a huge collection of it, and I started to pick her up a couple of pieces but wasn't sure if I would be duplicating what she had.

  3. This whole post is like a warm hug. I have the exact Blackberry Farm living room image pinned to my boards, and use it for inspiration as my living room has many of the same elements. How lucky that you get to hear the two of them, and then attend an antiques show to boot! Wish I could attend but Georgia is just too far away; maybe Kelly & I could have carpooled ;)

  4. Ohhhhh, Blackberry Farm! This event sounds amazing!