Wednesday, July 8, 2015

July 4th | In Pictures

Our July 4th celebration was a good one!  Thankfully, the rain keep at bay both for the Village fireworks on Friday evening and for the festivities on Saturday.  Here is a little video clip of the fireworks that I posted on Instagram.  We walked down to the park with friends, spread out our blankets, lit a few sparklers, took a few selfies, and willed the sun to set so the show could begin.  It is usually one of my favorite nights of the year in our village (when the weather cooperates), it's fun to sit with all our neighbors (and you pretty much know everyone in a town our size), listen to the carillonneur play patriotic songs on the bells in the tower next to the ball fields and hear all the kids ooo and ahhh.  I love the walk back home too, among all wagons and scooters, with many sleepy little heads resting on the shoulders of their parents, the street so full that no cars can pass through. 

On Saturday, the boys and I went to Ault Park for the Children's Parade (Daddy was golfing).  Andrew just watched this year (approaching the upper age limit.... so sad...)   I think Charlie started first and did more laps than anyone else, and there were 170 kids in the parade!  He might have mistaken the parade for a race...  As always, the over achieving parents were out in full force. ;)  I do admire their creativity and dedication! 

In the evening my parents joined us for dinner on the patio.  I didn't take any pics, but thankfully my Dad had his camera...

^ I did snap this one of a little checkers match while I was setting up the food in the kitchen..^^

^^ I made this rib recipe... 6 hours in the oven!..So good.  I will tweak the spice rub next time just a little to suit our liking.  Less chili powder and paprika.  They were so good though. ^^

^^ I made my classic potato salad (recipe not on blog...any interest?), grilled corn and watermelon slices.  Such an easy menu because I could made the potato salad early in the day, pop the ribs in the oven and spend the afternoon at the pool with my family.  Then while Jimmy fired up the grill for the corn, I finished off the ribs and made the sauce.  So easy.^^

^^ I had questions about my dress on Instagram.. It's from Boden and likely on sale right now...^^

^^ The dork in me got a little too excited about learning how to take these fun sparkler pics.  I took about 20.   To replicate...make sure it is dark out (I took a lot when it was still too light and while  pretty cool, they are so much better when it is dark!) Put camera on tripod, in manual setting, set time to 3-5 seconds depending on what you are drawing or writing, set ISO to 200 and f/20.. ^^ 

Hope you made some fun memories too! 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Our Nantucket Vacation | Part Three | Family + A Little Film

I know, I hardly ever blog, and now three in one week, ALL about Nantucket, this is the last one, thanks for indulging me...

We were lucky enough to be able to find a rental the same week that my brother and his family were going to Nantucket.  My sister in law grew up going to Nantucket every summer because her parents ran an antique business in town that goes back multiple generations.  She still has family on the island and in the antique and basket business.  Her mother taught her how to make traditional handmade Nantucket baskets when she was young. We've used the basket Toni made us almost daily for the last 10 years! :)  Between my brother and I, we have 5 boys, so there is a lot of energy and excitement when we are all together.  We visited each other several times, we hosted them for dinner at "our house" after an afternoon at Sconset beach, we met up in town for the movie festival, played on the Children's Beach and joined them for a day at the Jetties Beach (very cool sandbars and great calm water for swimming!), it was such a treat for the cousins to be able to be together on vacation.

Here are a few pictures...

^^ Charlie + Carter ^^

^^Baby Miles^^

^^At our house after dinner, ice cream was on the line so cooperation was high. :)^^

^^ Crazy Uncle Kevin ^^

^^Can you see his yummy thighs?! Love him!^^

^^ Love him...^^
^^And...Love this one too. So much love!^^

Annnnd, that's a wrap! Thanks for letting me over share!!  I'll end with a little film, though I will warn you, I didn't use my phone much, nor did Jimmy get ANY footage on his, so it's not the greatest, but it does capture a little more than photos alone.   (My next big wish list item is a new camera that also has video capabilities.... Jimmy, if you are taking notes, this is the one I want...Ha. )

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Our Nantucket Vacation | Part Two | My Favorites

As ACK first timers, we are by no means experts, but I wanted to document some of our favorite discoveries from this trip, as much for my memory as for anyone else who might by visiting for the first time.  Please feel free to add you Nantucket favorites in the comments so I can check them out when we go back!  :)

Beaches || Sconset and Madakat (I hear it's the best spot to watch sunsets)

Hidden Walks || Sconset Bluff Walk

Lunch || Provisions, Something Natural, and The Summer House Beachside Bistro

Bakery || Wicked Island Bakery (go early for doughnuts, available in the summer months only)

Ice Cream || The Juice Bar (don't skip the waffle cone)

Shops || Nantucket Looms and Peter Beaton Hat Studio

Rainy Day Activity || Shipwreck Museum

Dinner || Straight Warf 

Date Night || The Chanticleer

Pick Up a Picnic || Bartlett's Farm (the raw salad and fried chicken were deeee-lish)

Light Houses || Brant Point and Sankaty Head

Tradition || Toss pennies in the water when you pass Brant Point Lighthouse on the ferry out to ensure you return to Nantucket...

^^ Their luxurious throws, scarves, and table linens handwoven upstairs^^
^^Madakat Beach^^

^^Picnic Dinner on Sconset Beach^^

^^Sconset Bluff Walk^^

^^Brant Point Lighthouse^^

^^Morning Bun from Wicked Island Bakery^^

^^Ferry Ride back to Hyannis^^

^^Sankaty Head Lighthouse in the fog.  The fog on Nantucket is one of my absolute favorite things too.  To watch it come rolling in like billows of smoke is amazing.^^

^^We like to over document... :)^^

Speaking of which, if I get my act together my last Nantucket post will be a little film (plus family pics of the cousins who were in Nantucket at the same time!!)  I didn't take as much video as I have on past trips (probably because I was too busy taking pics, but I did get some...) Stay tuned...