Monday, June 29, 2015

Our Nantucket Vacation | Part One | Sconset in Pictures

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that we've just returned from an amazing trip to Nantucket. I'm so grateful for the week we had there - it was magical!  Pictures just don't do it justice, but I'm still going to try... 

^^ Sconset Beach in the morning before a rainstorm ^^
^^Bluff at Sankaty Head Beach in Sconset^^

For the last 18 (or is it 19.. we are getting old...) years Jimmy and I have been vacationing in New England in for family summer trips, fall getaways, and anniversary celebrations.  From Martha's Vineyard to Maine to Rhode Island and MANY trips to Cape Cod.  While we had taken a couple day trips to Nantucket, it wasn't until this summer that we were able to enjoy an extended stay, and after last week, I'm not sure what took us so long!  It is everything I love about New England - plenty of history, charming architecture, quaint towns and the sea.  I know people are going to want me to compare Nantucket to the Cape but I really can't - each deserves to be experienced and loved in its own right.  What I love most about the Cape are the historic towns along Route 6A and the breath taking National Seashore beaches, what I love most about Nantucket is that so much is undeveloped and it's full of hidden places that really let you feel like you have escaped from the world, all the while being painfully beautiful and picturesque.  A bit hard to capture in words. Siasconset (or Sconset as everyone calls it) is by far my favorite spot on the island.  It is small and quiet, with only a tiny market, a few restaurants, and a wine shop.  You can take long and gorgeous walks down little lanes made of crushed white shells, there are storybook rose covered cottage at every turn, and the beaches are surrounded by masses of wild flowers and high dunes.  The air smells of roses and salt.  I'm not sure I've ever loved a place as much as I do Sconset.

We rented a charming home close to town and the beach, completely surrounded by tall, perfectly clipped Privet hedges.  (We found the home via VRBO)

^^flowers from our garden^^

^^writing postcards to friends that never quite made it into the mail...^^

^^lots of these guys on Sconset beach, especially in the morning!^^

much more to come...


  1. We have a house on the Cape and even though it's a loooong drive there every summer from NE Ohio, it's my favourite place on earth. That being said...both the Islands are special in their own way but for unspoiled, perfect New England, nothing beats Nantucket. We spent my birthday there last summer and I would love to spend longer. Your pictures are beautiful; glad you had a wonderful vacation!

  2. Just beautiful! Glad you had a magical vacation! The flowers boxes and climbing roses are enough to make it a perfect vacation for me....although the beaches, architecture, seafood, and good travel companions would be OK too...LOL

  3. So pretty!!! I can't wait for our New England vacation in a few weeks!!

  4. Love your photos! I loved following along IG and seeing all your pics. I've got this on my radar. I need to blog about our Rosemary trip. One of my fave places!

  5. Beautiful pictures!! Love Nantucket!

  6. Hi, What a fabulous vacation you had! I love your pictures! Now, I want to go. Can you give us the VRBO information on where you stayed? Anne

  7. Your boys are growing up so fast, crazy to think I've been reading since Charlie was 2...where does time go?

  8. I really enjoyed your pictures! Did you have a long wait to get on board with the house you rented? We love VRBO but we also find that the most popular places have to be booked months in advance. Any info would help! Please email when you have a chance. Thanks! :)

    Jane x

  9. Oh my......what beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing. This is on my short list of places I must visit...... has been for years. we use vrbo for our quiet little place on the Florida gulf and have had great luck.....looks as though you did too! I can't wait to see more!