Monday, February 23, 2015

Everything But The House | My Favorite Estate Sale Picks + A Giveaway

This is a sponsored post.  All content and opinions are my own.

One of my favorite places to hunt for antiques is on Everything But The House, an online estate sale website and organization.  While based in Cincinnati, their current markets also include Nashville, Louisville, Lexington, Indianapolis and Columbus.  Their expansion plans for this year include Southwest Florida, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Washington DC, Denver, LA and Boston.  Some of my favorite pieces that have come from EBTH include: our antique pine harvest dining table, the antique English bench in front of our staircase, and recently, a vintage Bokhara rug and English oak bachelor's chest for Jimmy's office (both of which I have yet to share here on the blog).

I've taken a peek at their current sales and rounded up some of my favorites. I've paired them with inspiration pictures for how I would use them in a home, either mine or yours. ;)  While I'm excited to share this source with you, the best news is that they are offering a $100 EBTH giftcard to a lucky reader to use in an upcoming auction of their choosing.  Trust me, $100 goes far! I've found some beautiful pieces that I could never have afforded if I'd purchased them from a dealer.  The rules to enter are listed at the end of this post...

^^ From EBTH: Cincinnati Consignment Sale
Having original art and antiques make a home. 
I often start searching under art when I go to EBTH's website. ^^

^^Inspiration: Old portraits going up a stairwell instead of family pictures.^^

^^ Inspiration: As part of a gallery wall, they add so much graphic interest, especially when paired with a collection of muted etchings or drawings.^^

^^ Inspiration: They look very classic in an entry too. Instantly add a sense of history to a home.  I like the term "borrowed ancestors". ^^

^^ From EBTH: A collection of pewter.  I'm love finding simple pieces like these.  They look so pretty in glass front cabinets or on open shelving and are perfect for small flower arrangements and groupings. ^^

^^Inspiration: Picture from Helen Norman.  Ivory, green and pewter is such a lovely combination.^^

^^ Inspiration ^^

^^ From EBTH: Antique chest in Lexington sale ^^

^^ From EBTH: From Cincinnati sale.  I almost always recommend an antique chest in the living rooms and dens that I design for clients.  If there is space, it is nice to mix among lots of upholstered pieces.  There are often gorgeous chests on EBTH.  They often make a room.  Also lovely in a bathroom, entry and bedroom.^^

^^Inspiration: In a living room, topped simply with a lamp, a couple accessories, and mirror on the wall.  This is how we have ours in our living room, except with lots of family photos in place of the accessories.  It looks so pretty at Christmas to add a wreath over the mirror. ^^

^^ Inspiration: In an entry.^^

^^ From EBTH: Cincinnati Consignment Sale^^

^^ Inspiration: You can pair one of the antique chests with a nautical painting.^^

^^ From EBTH: Nashville sale, a classic antique Windsor chair.  I think it is so charming to have little antique chairs mixed, almost like art, in different rooms.  They are functional too, when extra seating is needed for parties or entertaining.^^

^^ Inspiration: In an entry or mudroom^^

^^ Inspiration: In a bedroom^^

^^ Inspiration: In a bathroom ^^

^^ Inspiration: In front of stairs ^^

^^ From EBTH : Nashville sale.  If you have a home with bookcases and no books, stocking up at estate sales is the way to go.  There are options at sales in almost every city.  I like a styled or streamlined bookcase every now and then, but my favorite ones are those filled with books. ^^

^^ From EBTH: Vintage Nancy Drew, perfect for a little girl's room. ^^

^^ Inspiration ^^

^^ Inspiration ^^

^^ Inspiration ^^

^^ From EBTH: From Cincinnati sale.  I like to include antique tables in many rooms too.  Especially gate legs or flip tops, like this one, because they don't take up much space but can be so practical when entertaining.  We have a gate leg table in our dining room that easily moves in front of the fireplace when we want to eat dinner there. ^^

^^ Inspiration: I love to add an antique basket underneath when I can. ^^

^^ From EBTH: Lexington sale.  An antique secretary can be added almost anywhere too.  Office, bathroom, bedroom, living room... ^^

^^ Inspiration: In a bedroom ^^

^^ Inspiration: Painted in a sitting room ^^

^^ Inspiration: Filled with white towels in a bathroom.  I wish I had room to do this! ^^

^^ Inspiration: Paired with a modern seat in a living room ^^

1. Go to EBTH website: click here, take a look at their current sales 
and find an item you would want.  
Leave a comment, along with the item description, in the comment section below.

2. Do at least one of the following: 
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3.  Provide a link to your email, or leave your email 
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Thanks for entering!!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Junior Cotillion | An Enchanted Forest

Every year I seem to go through a bit of a post Christmas blog slump/writer's block.  This year that slump happened to coincide with a crazy busy 5 weeks of planning for the final evening of our 5th and 6th grader's Junior Cotillion.  So, my absence from blogging can be attributed a bit to both, but now that Cotillion is behind me and spring (dare I even say it?) is on the horizon (albeit, very far on the horizon, as I sit here typing in front of the fire with snow falling outside) I'm back wanting to share and write.  I have a long list of blog ideas and look forward to getting into the swing of things again!  First, a recap of Cotillion...

Every year, the final evening is a dinner and dance with a special theme and decorations. Past years have had everything from the Academy Awards to Paris to a Circus, complete with an indoor tent!  It was my first year volunteering on this committee and I didn't fully anticipate how much of my time it would consume.  Regardless, I love planning parties, especially for children and those with a whimsical theme, so while time intensive it was, it was also a lot of fun!  Here are some pictures of the final evening.  It took us two full days, with 25 amazing volunteers, to create this forest and watching the reaction on the kid's faces when they walked in made every second of the preparations worth it.  I have to admit that this is nicer than my prom. :)

^^ Hanging the lanterns was the most challenging part of the set up.  We had failed attempts with fishing line and twine, but laundry line rope worked like a charm.  The lanterns were attached with zip ties and each had a light battery pack that had to be turned on before the dance.  I dreaded that part a bit, but honestly it wasn't bad at all.  Took maybe 15 minutes to light all 60 lanterns.^^

^^ Got to love that photo bomber behind us! :) ^^

^^ Half of the tables were covered in green and white checked tablecloths with log stumps and handmade bird houses, adorned with painted paper leaves and wooden birds.^^

^^ The other half were topped with burlap runners, hurricanes filled with twigs and little mason jar hanging lanterns.^^

^^ We had a crafting afternoon at my house where we made these paper flowers.  I wonder if any of the kids noticed them? Haha. They were so pretty though.^^

^^ There were foxes, owls, toadstools and little red bird cookies for favors. ^^

^^ I'm glad I got to play a part in making the evening a special one for my boy and his classmates and friends.  He didn't seem to totally hate that I was there either, making it even better. ^^

A very special thank you to Anthropologie for generously donating their December window display to us.  Their painted leaves and bird houses were the jumping off point for the decor.  We had to make a few bird houses ourselves and they were a tedious affair.  We were so very thankful for all the contributed!  

Also, thank you to Blue Ox Tree Service for the collection of tree stumps.  They have cared for our trees for 8+ years and are one of our favorite local businesses.  If you are in the area, you will not find better tree care or knowledge.