Thursday, January 29, 2015

Valentine's Day Inspiration

I've been looking for some Valentine's Day inspiration, just simple ways to make February 14th feel special and make sure my guys feel extra loved.  My Valentine's Day board on pinterest is one of my favorites, all those hearts, sweet little love notes, and pretty packages!  I have so much fun each year dreaming up ideas.  Above are a few ideas from my pinterest board to get you in the spirit, if you aren't already!


  1. I have been looking for inspiration on Pinterest as well. Love the photos...I could go for those pretzels right about now!...

  2. I hear so many people say it's commercial, but I love the holiday. .it can be everything except commercial

  3. Oh, those heart balloons with the cute tag will be going to school with my two! So cute--and I love that it doesn't involve more candy! Thanks for the inspiration.