Thursday, October 2, 2014

Recipes | Links to Fall Favorites

Earlier this year, uh, in January, I believe, I promised the year ahead would be sprinkled with meal planning posts.  I said that, but I lied.  I should never, ever, never commit to writing about a certain topic at some future date because 95% of the time I don't.  (hello, cheese board post, kitchen essentials post, fall fashion post 2012 + 2013, craft closet post, need I go on?)  I have so many posts in draft format I can assure you I will never be at a loss of what to blog about should I ever get around to finishing those posts up.  What usually happens is I don't like the photos I took, or I have text with no photos, or I no longer feel inspired to write about it.  Excuses, excuses.  Anyway... Back to meal planning.  Like I said (back in January ;)) I go through ups and downs.  Typically in the summer I'm pretty lackadaisical about dinners in general, lots of grilling, salads as entrees, farmer's market grab and go sorts of affairs but come autumn I'm back on the horn.  I like to have a short list of go to meals each season that I make once or twice a month to fill in the gaps when planning a week's worth of dinners.  In the fall it's a lot of squash (stuffed, soup, roasted), recipes with apples (homemade apple sauce, crisps, salads) and earthy pasta dishes (my favorite meat sauce recipe is coming soon.  (Did I really just promise that?!).

Here are links to a few favorite staple dishes from a salad, to a side dish to an entree... 

recipe via Half Baked Harvest
(my notes: I make it just like it is written except I add a bit more of everything so I have enough to stuff 3 whole/6 halves)

via Barefoot Contessa
(my notes - recipe is perfect and doesn't taste too mustard like at all.  i.e. kids will eat it!)

via Camille Styles
(my notes - I serve with rotisserie chicken breasts from store.  Also, I have added dried figs in place of currants and goat cheese in place of blue and almonds in place of walnuts and it is equally stellar.  This salad is all about the homemade raisin + nut bread croutons.  I use Blue Oven Bakery bread, if you are local, find yourself some and thank me later.  I buy several loaves at a time and freeze them especially for this salad.)


  1. I am with you! Love cooking in the winter and these recipes look amazing!

  2. I love Fall, too. Honestly, I truly enjoy the change of seasons and all that it brings. Your meal ideas are wonderful and much appreciated. Lots of good ideas!

  3. Thanks for the ideas! I love meal planning in the fall- so many delicious, comforting things to eat:) Also those potatoes are a staple in our house and are amazing served leftovers with breakfast. Yum...

  4. I'm making the mustard roasted potatoes tonight and they smell SO good. Thanks for the recommendation. Can't wait to pull them out if the oven!