Friday, October 3, 2014

Interiors | A NEW option for decorating consults...

Since day one of offering decorating consults I've wanted to find a way to make the final presentation feel just a little more special + personalized, especially for e-design clients because we never have that face to face interaction.  After developing and tweaking the decorating plan for a room, I typically email the inspiration board and source list (unless you are local, then I print them for you).  It works great and we all get super excited and then I pretty much turn the reins over to you to make it all happen.  However, I wanted to give an option for those that want just a bit more, like having me handle the sample ordering and printing the inspiration boards and room layouts on high quality linen card stock.  I wanted to create a pretty place for you to store all the ideas too since for most of us our rooms evolve little by little, over time, and it's nice to have a spot to refer back to the plans and details now and again versus looking back through old emails.

Enter the NSH STYLE BOX!
 (NSH - that's short for Nine & Sixteen Home, just in case you were wondering.. :))

It is a pretty way to "wrap up" a project, plus a practical and accessible way to preserve your decorating plans.  Since I limit the number of clients I take on (this is a part time gig for me) it feels nice to be able to offer something a little special at the end of a project.  In the future, I may make this a standard feature. I will revisit the idea when I look at my rates for next year, but for now it is optional. 

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  1. What a beautiful package! And what a wonderful way to share your plans.

  2. Whoa...I love it! How gorgeous AND fun. :) Your packaging is just perfect with it all too.

  3. Love things wrapped up like this! Thinking of how I could make up little packages for the holidays similar to this. What color ink so you use for the stamping on the little cloth bags? Looks so you have to purchase a ton of boxes at a time? Wishing you had a store and would ship out boxes wrapped up so cute!!! You are SO good at this! Can't wait until the magazine comes out and see your Christmas ideas!