Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Celebrations | Charlie Turns 6!

I didn't mean to disappear for a couple weeks like I just did.  October is my favorite month of the year and I try to enjoy it to it's fullest.  The splendor of autumn in the midwest never ceases to amaze me.  It almost appears out of nowhere and never stays around long enough.  All the sidewalks filled with crunchy leaves, the chilly morning walks (or bike rides lately) to school, the afternoons baking (I recently tried this recipe and it's amazing), watching gusts of wind shake buckets of golden leaves  off the trees - yes, living in the storybook world that is October is all it's cracked up to be.

Charlie celebrated his 6th (!!!!) birthday on the 16th.  Another reason October is the greatest. Usually it falls on the prettiest weekend of the year.  Our colors always peak right around the second week in October.  A very fitting day to celebrate this bright, life loving little guy.

This year his class went on a field trip the morning of his birthday and I was one of the chaperones.  It was so special to get to spend so much of the school day with him.  We went to a nearby park and they did a series of nature inspired activities.  Thankfully the weather cooperated because it had been raining the last 8-10 days prior (the less glorious side of October!).  He had the best time. And so did I.

 ^^ Once back at school, C presented his Star of the Day poster.  A few of my favorite things he included were: favorite food - "my Mom's chocolate cake" , one of his favorite things to do at home - "cuddle my stuffed animals", and favorite place to visit - "Cape Cod." Of course there was also lots and lots of sports, nerf gun, pizza, Lego and Star Wars mentions too.^^

 ^^ For his birthday dinner he wanted Larosas pizza and homemade chocolate cake (with blue stars).^^

 ^^The gift he was most excited about was his new scooter, which he rode to school on the morning of his birthday, telling everyone, "it's my birthday and I got a new scooter!!"  He had planned to only open one gift before school and the rest in the afternoon, but by 7:05 AM they were all unwrapped and Andrew was busy assembling Lego sets for him. ^^

 ^^ On Saturday afternoon we partied at Pump It Up!  Charlie desperately wanted a party where he could have a lot of boys and they could run and be wild.  It was the first party I'd ever done at an indoor play place.  I'm usually not the biggest fan and prefer to make everything cute and thoughtful with a party at home, but I have to say it was so simple and completely stress free and the boys had such a great time.  It was perfect for Charlie.^^

^^They all got sweatbands in their treat boxes, it's Charlie signature football and soccer look. :) ^^

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  1. Happy Birthday to your adorable little guy! I finally caved and allowed our first out-of-the-house party this year too. I swore I'd never do it and I just knew I'd hate it, but I didn't. It was so simple and easy and everyone had a great time. The best part was that I didn't have to clean up afterwards!