Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Day Trip To Nantucket

One of my favorite days of vacation was a day trip to Nantucket.  I had been once before but it was years ago, when Andrew was 14 months old and it was Autumn at the time.  I remember finding it very charming but we were there only a few hours and didn't really know how to make the most of our time so after walking around the town for a bit, Andrew fell asleep in his stroller and we felt sort of at a loss of what to do with ourselves.  This time however, we spent a whole day there (early ferry to go, late ferry return) and we had some ideas of that to expect and what we hoped to do.  This time I fell completely in love with the island.  So much so, we are thinking that next summer we might want to spend a whole week there.

^^ Our plan was to escape the crowds in the main town after we got off the ferry.  It is a bit chaotic when you first arrive off the ferry, with everyone cramming into the same tiny shops at the same time.  We hopped on rental bikes and peddled across the island to Siasconset (or 'Sconset as the locals say).  It was about a 7 mile, mostly flat, ride.^^

  ^^As for Sconset...It was love at first sight for me.  A town full of small, unpretentious, rose covered cottages.  Row after row of perfectly clipped hedges and crushed shell driveways.   Most of the cottages had dutch doors with the top half left open during the day.  It was so charming it made my heart hurt a little. ^^

^^ This is the BACK of the cottage!^^

^^This was my very favorite and please note the house number (as pointed out by Andrew) no.16, one of my lucky numbers.  It was meant for me!  The front is clapboard and the sides and back are weathered gray shingles.^^

^^We had a delicious lunch outside at the Summer House Bistro on the beach. ^^

^^Back in the main town, I couldn't resist popping in Peter Beaton's Hat Studio on Federal Street.  I wanted every hat I tried on.  I did treat myself to one.  Choosing a ribbon was tough.  I played it safe and went with ivory. ^^

^^I have an idea!  Let's just move to ACK!^^

^^ Looking like a local. :) On the ferry back to Cape Cod. ^^

Absolutely a perfect day. 


  1. Loved your pictures of Nantucket. It seems like a charming and dreamy little island. Although, I still chuck a little when I remember the show Wings was based on Nantucket. How ever did you decide on a hat and ribbon? They all looked fabulous. You should have posted a pic modeling your new hat.

  2. Such a dreamy place to visit. You are so lucky to be able to take a day trip there. I love everything about it!

  3. Perfect indeed! Looks like heaven.

  4. Great pics! I wish I would've taken more. That first pic would be so awesome framed or as a painting! And I just *love* the hat. Your family is lovely.

  5. Love Sconset! We spend 2 weeks there every Summer.

  6. Love Sconset ! We spend two weeks there every Summer.

  7. This is on my "list".... thank you for sharing.....

  8. Idyllic... charming... and oh my word, those hats! thanks for sharing. filing this away and putting it on our bucket list!
    - Nicole