Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back to School-isms

The night before Kindergarten...
Me: " Charlie how are you feeling about starting Kindergarten tomorrow?"
Charlie: "I'm a little worried." (a word he has NEVER used)
Me: "Worried?"
Charlie" Well, nervous." (another word he never uses)
Me: " What are you nervous about?"
Charlie: "Going on stage." (his eyes welling up with tears)
Me: "Why are you going on stage?"
Charlie: "For the talent show.  I really want to do it but I'm just not ready for it yet, not tomorrow."

Apparently, he thought there was a first day (or daily) Talent Show.  Bless his little heart.  Though it made for a good laugh (to myself, I took his concerns very seriously).  Which I needed, because my Mama heart broke a little this morning sending him off to all day kindergarten.   He, of course, loved it, and joy of all joys, he discovered they sell Cheetos in the cafeteria, both Baked and Regular varieties apparently, all is right in his world.  Terrific! ;)

Honestly, I'm so grateful he will be spending his days in a bright and cheerful classroom, with good friends, and the sweetest teacher one could ever hope to have for their first year in elementary school.   I'm sad to say good bye to the stage of life where I went about my days with a little shadow alongside me.  It was far too quiet in the house today and the clock ticked slower than it ever has before.  It made me so happy to see smiling faces from both my boys at pick up and to listen to their non stop chatter on our walk home.  Andrew's start to 6th grade was also a success! Yay!  Here's to good beginnings, even those that tug at the heart strings a bit!!

^^This will be the only year they attend the same school.  So grateful that Andrew is there to watch over his little brother! ^^

^^ Happy to have a good friend by his side on the first day!^^

^^ Couldn't wait to be the first one in!^^

^^ I had to take this shot after school.  Payton is in Jr. High this year.  They'll be back together again next year.  I can't get over how grown up they look here. ^^

^^After school.  C was itching to get that collared shirt off his body.  He changed the second he walked in the door.  Into his "sporty" clothes. ^^

^^Nana came for first day pick up. Still can't get over how old Andrew looks!!^^

^^Looking for his Mama! :) ^^


  1. So precious. These are the moments life is all about. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh soooo sweet! Glad they had good first days. :) And yes, Andrew is looking very grown up. How in the world did that happen???

  3. So adorable! Definitely a day to remember!

  4. Yay for happy days of school! Your family is so darling, Tessa! I can't believe how grown up Andrew looks! And your mom is so classy. I see where you get it :).

  5. Adorable! And that dress, where is that from please?

  6. Sweet post! Your boys are growing up into really nice young gentlemen, and your mom is just as adorable as you are! Have a great school year! Michelle

  7. It is bittersweet. We took our younger son to Clemson last week, and I am so grateful he has his older brother there to help him navigate. I have been melancholy for several days, but now I know that the next few years will be our daughter's (a sophomore) time to be in the spotlight. And, it's time for my husband and I to think about what will be next for us after 25 years of hands-on parenting! (Maybe I'll start blogging again ;-)

  8. Oh, I forgot to mention that both our boys--a college senior and freshman--are still carrying their LL Bean monogrammed bookbags from 2006. They refuse to give them up!