Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Photos from Our Weekend in Chicago

One summer tradition that my children really look forward to is going to visit their cousins in Chicago.  My brother and his family live in a beautiful home in Wilmette, IL, one of the northern suburbs of Chicago along Lake Michigan.  Last weekend we made our way up there for a quick, fun filled visit.  This year was extra special because it was the first time we met our newest family member, my nephew, Miles Tucker.  It was nice to snuggle a newborn baby again, but it did not make me wistful for those days.  I adored the newborn phase of mothering (yes, I'm one of those), especially the second time around because I had a better handle on what I was doing and C was a very content and easy baby, but I also really like the stage we are in now and I'm content to just enjoy babyhood again from afar. :)   The boys hadn't seen each other in a year but wasted no time picking up right where they left off.  They are all very close and get along incredibly well, it brings me such happiness to sit back and watch them interact.  Hopefully, one year we can vacation together longer somewhere close to the sea.  Here are a few highlights of the weekend caught on film...

PS.  If it looks like Charlie is wearing the same clothes all weekend that's because he pretty much is...  It was the first time I didn't pack extra clothes since we never need them and it was the first time we had both car sickness and major spills on the way down.  Lesson learned. :)

^^ hi Miles Tucker, so nice to meet you little love muffin, you! ^^

^^ racing to get to their cousins ^^

^^ at their awesome pool, my kids refer to it as a waterpark ^^

^^ ages 4, 5, 6 and 11 ^^

^^ An Uncle Kevin pile on ^^

^^ back from farmer's market with piping hot fresh doughnuts ^^

^^ trying to wake up after night one in the hotel which resulted in very little sleep ^^

^^ Minecraft convention ^^

^^ Gilson Beach.  I asked them to hold hands ;) ^^

^^ Muuuuuch too cold for swimming this time ^^

^^ I mean. Just look at that face! Mmmmwah!! ^^


  1. Such a fun trip! Great pics and your nephew is a little doll.

  2. Love cousins, love day trips, love your sunglasses! What brand are they? Happy summering to you and yours!

  3. thanks, amanda. sunglasses are coach.

  4. It's nice to see the cousins having a great time together and your new little nephew is precious! I live in Chicago, too. Wilmette is gorgeous! :)


  5. What a great family you have! Miles is a precious addition. Love his name, too!

  6. Hi there, my friend! It's been a little while! I've missed you! Taking a few minutes to catch up before my sister and her three boys defend upon my house! You look fabulous with a baby napping on your shoulder! xoxo!