Monday, May 19, 2014

Summer Fashion | Maxi Dresses

Thanks to your kind words and encouragement, I feel slightly less awkward attempting another fashion post.  Actually, I've had several requests to do more, especially with easy to wear, yet still cute, for the typical mom, kind of clothes.  So when one of the owners of Kika (a mother/daughter California based company making eco-friendly clothes) contacted me asking if I'd be willing to try out their clothes, I jumped at the chance.

Today I'm posting pics of two of their maxis, one is slightly more of a date dress than a pick-up-the-kids- from-school dress yet both are incredibly comfy and easy to wear but flattering and pretty too.  I like having clothes that feel so good on you don't rush to take them off and trade them out for yoga pants when you walk through the door.  These feel so great, you'll have to resist not sleeping in them.

  ^^ this dress is my favorite item in their spring/summer line^^

The cotton is the softest ever and great quality (comparable to Boden in thickness).  It is a bit shorter than some of my other maxis making it a little more practical.  I don't think I could wear heel with it, which is fine because I never wear heels when I'm home with my kids during the week, and rarely when I go out either.  I wore this dress to a dinner party on Saturday night with a cream cardigan and a big chunky wooden bead necklace, without the belt.  You can also fold the top down to make it a maxi skirt, which I'd wear with a tank.  It stayed in place all evening, a BIG bonus for me with strapless dresses! I'd be just as comfortable wearing this for a typical day with my boys as I would for a date night.  Every summer I have one piece that I wear to death and this will likely be it this summer.

^^ The next maxi is dressier feeling (probably b/c it is black), even though it is still cotton and just as comfortable.  Like wearing PJs. ^^

^^Sorry, these pics are a bit out of focus and over exposed.  My photographer (aka Jimmy) is still 
a bit baffled by my camera, but learning.  This dress has a racer back style in the back. and the belted waist sits just at the spot that makes it flattering when you are both standing and sitting.  This dress also comes in stripes, which I love, but it was out of stock a couple weeks ago.  It will be restocked. ^^ 

^^ the hat is from Anthro.  It's going back b/c it swallows me whole, but looked cute in a picture. :) Trying to mix up the one hand on hip, two hands on hips poses.^^

^^This dress is a bit longer than the first too.  I'm wearing 2" wedges in the pic.^^

(sizing info. I'm 5'7" in the striped maxi I'm wearing a Size 1 (which is like a 2-4), and in the black dress I'm wearing a Size 0 (which is like a 0-2).



  1. Love them both and you are an adorable model! :)

  2. You look fabulous! I am going to check them out, I love wearing dresses too.

    Heather @ GreenWay Home

  3. You look great in kika clothing! Glad to see a new fan. :)

  4. You look adorable! I love the dresses and the way you belted the striped one.

  5. Very cute Tessa. Thanks for the intro - never heard of Kika. I love the black dress, but I hardly wear heels so that would probably be too long for me (I'm 5'7 too). And, I adore your hat - so cute!

  6. oh goodness...I am 5'3 This will never happen


  7. Great post. I'm a fan of both dresses!

  8. Beautiful dresses on a beautiful mama! I love your easy, yet sophisticated summer style-where are your favorite places to shop summer clothes? I remember a lot of your outfits from posts last year that I loved!

  9. You are the cutest. Love them both!

  10. You look adorable in both of these. I love both styles and think they are very flattering. You should do more fashion posts. You are the perfect model! So cute. Your husband sounds like mine. Hates taking the photos and it shows. However yours look great! x Kim