Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Patio + Garden Inspiration | White + Green

Lately we've enjoyed some absolutely gorgeous spring weather and it has me inspired and motivated to give our backyard + patio some much needed attention.  Like the rest of our yard we have lots of trees, which means lots of shade, so my options are a little limited when it comes to planting flowers.  I've conveniently used this excuse for the last seven years.  That, and my lack of a green thumb, both of which have prevented me from doing much of anything back there (except killing a few hanging baskets).

Looking through my exterior pinterest board I noticed a reoccurring theme: white, white, and more white.  Lots of hydrangeas and boxwood. Simple planters over flowing in shades of green and white.  I decided this was going to be my year to get on the horn and make our backyard space a little more lush and inviting.

I plan to add several Annabelle hydrangea plants with a boxwood border on one side of the patio.  And maybe add a couple Limelight hydrangeas along the path leading to the patio. We get a little early morning sun before the shade takes over which seems to be their preferred conditions.

^^Annabelle Hydrangeas^^

^^Hydrangeas with a boxwood border^^

^^Annabelle hydrangeas, boxwood, and urns filled with white flowers^^

In addition to the new plantings, I will add several oversized planters to our patio. I like simple planters and prefer stone or terra-cotta, but I'm not willing to pay over $100 for a pot.  That I will fill with dirt.  I found a few on Home Depot's website that give the right look for a more reasonable price, but I'd like to check them out in person first. Now it's just a matter of deciding on the style.

^^ Classic terra-cotta planters (From one of my all time favorite Cottage Living homes. Sigh.)^^

^^I think these are Restoration Hardware. (Very $$$) I like the look of wood square planters, especially when filled with round boxwood or topiary plants.  Something similar would look great flanking our back door.^^

^^Classic stone urns, probably a bit too formal for our patio, but oh so pretty.  Likely better for the front of a house.^^

^^It would be pretty to add just a bit of blue to the pots.   Or maybe have a pot with just lavender.  I haven't had luck planting lavender.  I think they need more sun.  We always had an abundance in our garden when I was growing up and the smell brings back so many good memories. ^^

^^A round up of some of my faves. From the pricey to the more affordable.^^

^^I'm also going to stock up on some additional seating.  We currently have a black wrought iron table and chairs and I'd like to add a little rattan + bamboo to the mix.  These Ikea chairs are stackable and would be easy to store away when the weather is bad.^^

I'd love to begin this weekend.  I'll be sure to post before and after pics as things start to come together.  Wish me luck.  Hoping I can make some of the plants last through the summer. My track record isn't the best. 

(sources for all images can be found here)


  1. Seems like you have done your research, which is half the battle with gardening, right? Hydrangeas and boxwood couldn't be more classic. And I love a good terra cotta pot. I've also been looking for one for my lemon tree and they are not cheap -- especially the big ones. Keep us updated if you find something good.

  2. Oh so many fabulous choices..... Love a good Terra Cotta pot too. As for the green thumb, I think you can do it. All the plant choices that you have chosen are fairly easy to care for. Good luck and I can't wait to see what you do this weekend.

  3. I have been working on green and white plantings and beds for a couple of years now. It's a lot of work but so lovely :-)

  4. i also love the green and white look! unfortunately for me, hydrangeas do not do well where i live. :( have you looked at shopterrain.com for your planters? they have some good ones as well as the threshold line at target.

    ~ becky

  5. I am also love the green and white right now and have pinned some of the same pictures as you. I bought two very affordable concrete urns at Lowe's last year for my front porch and I also picked up one at an estate sale for my patio. Love those Annabelle hydrangeas. They're going to be beautiful!

  6. Love the green and white look! I wish you lived closer to west Michigan as I have huge numbers of Annabelle Hydrangea and would be so happy to donate numerous plants to your cause! They are easily dug and split. It is amazing what one year's growth can do for a transplant. Since you probably will be buying them...don't buy large plants...buy the smaller, cheaper ones as they will fill in quickly! Looking forward to seeing your progress.


  7. I love your plans. The green and white is so classic and will always look great.

  8. Our Pinterest board sounds familiar.....white, hydrangeas and boxwoods. I planted a limelight hydrangea last year and it's my favorite. We also have boxwoods mostly. I think they are a classic.

  9. This is all gorgeous! Throwing out one idea: I bought concrete planters in a style very similar to your #4 at Lowe's or Home Depot about 10 years ago and they are beautiful and hardy while not being overly twee. Never cracked (and we have hard winters), and they take paint. I adore them. Might be worth a look.

  10. I like the look of the terra cotta planters.They have just been around forever. White is so pretty in the summer. When it is really hot out, white seems to have a "cool" look if that makes sense! Check out the white alyssum too. Saw it in terra cotta pots on a blog and is really pretty. I have planted it as a edging in the garden also. You will do just fine with the pots of plants! Happy weekend planting!

  11. It will look beautiful...sounds perfect! Can't wait to see the finished patio! I've always been a green and white girl when it comes to landscaping and planters. It's so calming yet so crisp and clean. I tried square planters for the first time last year (mine are black) and they looked fabulous with my topiaries. I had boxwood topiaries and Eugenia topiaries in order to mix it up a bit. Good luck getting started and you've inspired me to get moving with a few of my patio ideas ;)

  12. I think this is such a pretty, classic look. I love playing with my patio...it's about the only space that I like to throw color in. And I use all sorts of furniture that I find and paint. Just give it a coat of polyurethane and it's perfect for outdoors.

    Can't wait to see what you do!


  13. Sounds beautiful Tessa! Looking forward to seeing it. :)

  14. Great inspiration photo's. I love hydrangeas and boxwoods, too. I have a hard time saying no to an iron urn. It is best not to even look, or I will come home with it! I don't think I ever got over Cottage Living going away. I really loved that magazine. Best wishes with your planting!

  15. Hydrangeas and boxwoods couldn't be any more timeless--I hope you'll update us after you do your planting.

    I thought I'd never spent over $100 on a planter either, but last fall I sprung for 2 square fiberclay planters from Terrain (their PA shop is relatively close to our house) to flank the front door. I still can't believe that I bought them, but I know they'll never go out of style and, after withstanding the terrible weather of last winter, they seem to be built to last. Have you looked into any zinc planters? They might also be a nice alternative to consider--very timeless, too!

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