Monday, December 2, 2013

My Christmas Wish List

I'm pretty sure I've expressed how much I truly dislike making a wish list to give to someone, yet each year there are those couple people that I love very much (hello Mum + Jimmy!) that continue to request one and every year I hem and haw over it.  I don't mind making hypothetical wish lists on the blog just for fun but handing over a list to someone has always felt a little awkward to me.  I used to drive my mother-in-law crazy because I never gave her one, I just couldn't do it.  Now I completely understand why people ask for one, because they love me and want to buy something that will make me happy and I will enjoy.  I know because I ask the same of my boys (And my husband.  I have double standards, I know.)  For the record, Charlie has requested an Alpaca or an Alpaca sweater (in off-white, so he can be just a cuddly as a real Alpaca) and a paintball gun that doesn't really shoot paint balls but looks and sounds like one, only in a kid-like version (Santa can make anything, Mom!)  and Andrew has requested Lego sets that are launching on December 29th - perfect.

I happen to love giving and receiving surprise gifts (I'm the guest who never buys off the wedding registry!) and my most favorite gifts have usually been those I never even thought to wish for, but I know it is so difficult to find that perfect gift and to struggle through searching + shopping this time of year just isn't fun - for anyone. Soooo, begrudgingly, I made a list.  A list of lovely things that I would adore but probably not buy for myself because I honestly don't need them and they might feel a smidgen indulgent if I treated myself for no reason.  What a prelude, Tessa, get on with it!  Sorry, others must feel this way about list making, right?!! Without further adieu,  here's what's on "my list" this year, and probably most every other year because I tend to like the same things...

red tote/long lusted after book/start a new china collection to match my Mum's which I should have registered for when I got married but I chose another pattern and still regret it/blue and white pottery new or old, new is cheaper though/antique bread boards, sorry, no link here, have to scour antique stores/etsy/ebay but they gotta be old/pewter pitchers and creamers, I'd like to start a small collection (also like my Mum, I'm turning into my mother!!) but I would prefer antiques, again sorry, not so helpful, no link/monogrammed table linens, I love these but they don't make an F.  So, while I have a link it isn't all that helpful.  Tell me again how much I stink at list making.../ mandarin tote, cause I need (er, would like) a new bag but I don't need two, just giving options here, and I'm not such a fan of brand names and logos on my bags either (picky-picky) but the Michael Kors bag is a great size and style so maybe I could just cut off the dangling MK thingy.  Is that dreadful?

Happy shopping! 


  1. Tessa, Just loved your list and your cute post. I'm with you. I've always despised lists and never bought off a registry either! I really feel like gifts should be a surprise, but after years of killing myself to find perfect gifts, I am caving a bit. I like that you are so honest about what you really need vs want. I also wish I registered for china and started collecting earlier..Love to have that book! And the J Crew bag is so classic.

    I appreciate that your list comes from from a blogger that does promotes stuff and buying more things as so many are. It's quality of life and that's why I adore your blog!

    Best holiday wishes!


  2. Tessa, Oh what a lovely wish list. You have impecable taste and I just drool over it. Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas.

  3. I just had to send a list off to my in-laws and agree that it is horribly awkward. They ask for one every year, and I think I email it late every year, then follow it up with an email that says P.S. Let's just spend time together. That's really the best gift.
    That said, this is a fun list. It totally reflects you. Love the pewter!

  4. We must be kindred spirits, Tessa, because I am the hardest person to shop for yet feel uncomfortable specifying exactly what I want! And how do you specify just what you want when it's an antique? I'm in that boat, too.

    What comes through in this post is this: your taste is impeccable and consistent. I hope that all of the beautiful things on your holiday wishlist are waiting for you under the tree this year!

  5. Tessa, I just love your list! You have impeccable taste and I just drool over it! I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!

  6. Tessa, I just love your list! You have impeccable taste and I just drool over it! I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!

  7. I can so relate! My mother and husband are begging me for a list too.

  8. thanks for sharing your list! i too dread the list making. i'll be stealing some of your ideas to share ;)

  9. Oooo, that first red tote by J. Crew is yummy. Those old pewter vessels are lovely too, and I agree with you, I'd rather have old, antique items than new. Regarding those monogrammed table linens, which are so cute, how can they not make an F, I, V or W??? That's odd.

    Enjoy the season,

  10. haha i feel the same way. i feel so dumb making wish lists but my mom and mother in law ask every year for me to email them a list. ugh. ;) but its fun to make bloggy wish lists and its fun to read others! gives me ideas for GIFTING to those whom i love and who do NOT provide me with a wish list ;)

    ps. if you can find an alpaca sweater that makes me feel like an alpaca tell charlie i want one too

  11. I always make a wish list on pinterest and then just send it to my husband. I must be getting old, all I want is a buffalo check coat from JCrew and books.

  12. I'm not a list maker, but hey...not a bad way to help someone out (husbands!). I honestly have no idea what I'd put on mine. Almost bought those napkins. But restrained...ever the practical girl. xo!

  13. What a beautiful pick list! And I just ran across this Etsy store, which I bet you already know about, but I thought about your napkins-this store has towels-and thought of you! Also, I received a set of monogrammed napkins very similar to the above from 'Comptoir de Famille" from family in France, but I believe they sell their products here in the US as well.

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