Saturday, December 21, 2013

Holiday & Crew | The Prettiest Stockings (ever!) | Stuffer Ideas For Her

My friend, Tiffany, started her own stocking company this year called Holiday & Crew.  Her goal is to create beautiful and unique stockings, reminiscent of Christmases in New England.  I've known about her dreams to start this business for a while, so to see it come to fruition was so very exciting.  I was in the market for new stocking (for a couple years now) and patiently held out till she launched her business because I knew anything else I bought would need to be replaced once I saw hers (I was so right).  They are timeless and special and I will treasure the four I have for many years to come.  I had a local embroiderer add our monograms and I swapped out the pretty satin ribbon with a beautiful velvet.  I have really been drawn to velvet this season.  The results are stunning, if I do say so.

I choose a dark brown thread to contrast with the light brown herringbone fabric.  It also goes so well with our living room fabrics.  Our family tradition is to hang the stockings on the mantle on Christmas Eve but these were waaaaay too pretty to keep tucked away for the whole month so I hung them along the banister that way we could enjoy them all month long, but we'll still move them to the mantle on Christmas Eve.

And since the perfect stockings deserve extra special stocking stuffers, I put together some ideas just in case your Santa waits till the very last minute to figure them out too. (wink.)  While it is too late to order online (how did Christmas sneak up so fast this year?), many of these ideas can be found in local shops too, or they may spark another idea along the same line.    As a little girl, opening my stocking was always my favorite part of Christmas morning because it was filled with little treats that weren't on my wish list and somehow that made it all the more special.  I still remember opening a sleeve of Bonnie Bell flavored lip glosses when I was in about 5th grade and thinking I'd just struck gold.

things that smell good | cute + cozy socks | perfume, because you should never really buy this for yourself | hairbrush that should last a lifetime, even though I lost my MP brush in college | pretty packaged chocolates | personalized address stamps | personalized ornaments | stationary | jewels, but not the over priced kind


  1. Those stockings are to die for! I agree velvet it the best and to me more wintery! My most memorable Christmas was when I was 14 and there was a ring shaped like a rose with a diamond in the middle! I was so surprised! It was stolen years ago when my apartment was robbed. I sure wish I had it to give my 13 year old now!

  2. OK, that's it...I want new stockings right this very minute! And I want YOU to play Santa and fill mine on Christmas Eve! xoxo!



  4. Darling stockings that look so adorable on the stair banister!! Merry Christmas!!
    XO Barbara

  5. I love that you did exactly what I hoped for when designing these...for you to add your own personal touch to them; and your touch is nothing short of magical! They look amazing on your banister...makes me oh, so happy! Thank you my sweet Tessa! xo

  6. I love that you did exactly what I designed these particular stockings for...for you to add your own personal touch. And your touch is northing short of magical. I adore them displayed on your banister. So beautiful! Thank you my sweet Tessa! xo