Sunday, October 6, 2013

Cowboy Birthday Party | Charlie Turns F-I-V-E

This weekend we celebrated Charlie's 5th birthday (his real birthday isn't till October 16th) with a cowboy party/field trip to The Old West Festival!  Since the first weekend in October is the last weekend for the festival we had to celebrate with friends a bit early this year.  Thankfully, the rain stayed clear until after the party was over.  All 7 little boys got in the cowboy spirit and had a really fun time together.  They did a little archery, sifted for gold, rode a stagecoach and a horse and took in a gun show.  The festival is a bit out of the way, but they were great in the car and on excellent behavior there too.  We packed very simple picnic lunches for them but saved dessert until we returned home.  Charlie proclaimed it was the "best party of his entire life".  That's the only compliment I need!

I can't thank my dad enough for all the wonderful photos of my gorgeous little boy.
^^ when charlie delivered his invitations he also delivered a bag with a hat, bandanna, gun, badge and mustache for each child to wear/bring the day of the party^^

^^gold sifting ^^

^^ Daddy and big brother played the part too ^^
^^brown bag lunches were a rotisserie chicken sandwich, pretzel sticks and an apple^^

^^this one cracks me up.  on the stagecoach.^^

^^carter wore his mustache the ENTIRE time, even when eating lunch.  loved it!^^

^^my western looking parents^^

^^the decor at home was kept very simple since we were only there for a few minutes really.   I used the Meri-Meri cowboy themed garland (you can kind of see it hanging at the end of the room), their cupcake toppers and napkins too.  I used the paper napkins as a "place mat" and had dish towels tied with twine and a place card as napkins.  I used very thick kraft paper as the runner (made clean up a snap!!) and a pop of mums as the center piece.  There were a couple horse decorations too but that was it. ^^ 
^^cupcakes after we got back^^
^^starting to feel like there's a lot of candles on those cupcakes^^
^^it was a great day!!  ^^ 


  1. Adorable! What a great birthday party! I love the photo of the boys holding hands ... so sweet. You really do everything perfectly, Tessa, right down to your outfit, and the decoration on the lunch bags.

    1. aw, claudia, your comments always make my day! thank you!! :)

  2. Oh to be a kid again! I enjoyed the pics you shared this weekend on Instagram and these are just as great. It looks like such a fun time for a little boy. Happy (early) birthday to Charlie!

  3. how sweet! i'm sure this will be a party he will remember for ages!

  4. Hi - I have been following your blog for a while and finally had to comment. This is the cutest birthday party. I think everything you do, you do with such grace, simplicity and style! And the love you have for your family shines through nearly all your posts. Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas, recipes, and snippets of your life with us. :)

  5. My sons are now 45 and 46...and my godson is about 36 and a Major in the U.S.M.C. aircorps; these photos remind me so MUCH of when they went through their "Cowboy" stage. Thank you so much for giving an old lady a chance to think back on those innocent days. Your family is lovely...and Charlie looked well as mummy, daddy, and big brother. Warmly, Mary (The Old Elf)

  6. What a darling party. I just love the pic of all the boys in their hats at the end. They will remember this for a long time. Charlie's face says it all!

  7. 1. This group of boys are the cutest, I especially love the pic of Charlie with the bow and arrow. 2. I want his shirt for me :). 3. I love your lipstick color (so random, I know) 4. I adore how you created an experience for Charlie and his guests all while making everything look so darling.

  8. You're the cutest cowgirl this side of Texas! Bring your cute self down to my farm real soon, ya hear?!?! ;) xoxo!

  9. Loved reading this!! Save that pic of the boys holding hands and stash it away. You'll tear up over it for years and one day he and his friends will DIE that they did that - like when they're 13 and cool. This is precious and I'm so happy for little boys to get to do little boy activities - no pc anti-gun and Western activities. I always admire how you embrace your little families' moments.