Sunday, October 20, 2013

Charlie + Football

I can't tell you how much I enjoy these pictures.  For so many reasons.  This is Charlie's first year playing flag football.  He's a year younger (and about a head shorter) that every other player on the team.  I was hesitant at first with the hour and half long practices and hour and half long games each week, but he wanted to play so we hung in there.  The child in these photos is barely recognizable to the child that showed up that first day of practice back in early September.  I love to watch him play, to see how much he's learned, to see such effort, joy, and pride, it all does this Mama's heart good!  And while the thought of tackle football scares me to death, I thoroughly enough the less physical version of flag football and what it's teaching him about being part of a team.  These photos were taken Sunday night.  He made 2 touchdowns.  His, "I did it!!" is still ringing in my ears.


  1. Charlie looks so happy! Hearing "I did it" and seeing that touchdown must have made you so proud!

  2. Your Charlie is just adorable! I love pictures like these. Treasure them because they (the children) grow up way too fast. It seems like yesterday when my Michael played flag he is in full pads and gear. He is still only in 4th grade but I know this time is fleeting. Wishing you and Charlie a wonderful Football season!
    XO Barbara