Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Road Trip to the "Big City"

Finally, school is out for both boys!  Thursday was the first real day of summer vacation and we spent it driving to Chicago {aka "the Big City," as my nephew, Carter, calls it} to visit my brother and his family.  I promise the boys had an absolutely fantastic time with their cousins, don't be deceived by their delightful smiling faces in the above photo.  Ha ha!!  I took over 600 photos and would love to share a glimpse of our time together here on the blog.  Thanks for looking.

The beaches along the North Shore of Chicago are really beautiful! We had such fun playing in the sand and the boys had fun testing their courage and tolerance for the freezing water.

After lunch and ice cream, the Dads came back from golfing and we returned to beach.  This time Charlie and Carter quickly ditched their clothes and played fearlessly, with abandon.  Cold water?  What cold water?    I, however, went nowhere near the water.  I sat warm and happy on a towel snapping pictures!  I'm wimpy until it is really hot out!

{they sat like this for ages and screamed each time a wave rolled in.}

On Saturday we ventured into the Big City for little shopping, eating and sight seeing.  My boys thought the train ride was pretty cool and by the end our day downtown they were masters at hailing cabs and could tell you the proper toppings for a Chicago Style dog! {I ate my first! It was so good!}

{We stopped at the farmer's market by the train station while we waited for our train to arrive.}

{Do-Rite Donuts.  If in Chicago you must go.  You must order a vanilla bean glazed. Period.  I'm still dreaming about it. }

{I had one store that I wanted to visit.  We are in the market for a new family room sofa.  I have been leaning toward one from Quatrine after several friends raved about theirs, but I didn't want to buy a couch without sitting on it first, especially when it costs a pretty penny.  My gang clearly made themselves right at home.  And they tried every sofa in the showroom!  They didn't all get a thumbs up...}

I thank my brother and his wife, Toni, so much for opening up their beautiful home to us for several days and planning such fun outings so our children can make really special memories together!  They had the best time and look forward to visiting each summer!!  They think their uncle is pretty cool too...

We headed back to Ohio on Father's Day {just what every Dad wants for Father's Day - 5 hours of driving!!  In a car with two kids!}  But before we hit the highway we drove a little further north to Lake Forest to explore a new town and grab a yummy brunch {Truthfully, I was really craving another Do-Rite donut!}.  Lake Forest is absolutely charming!  And the homes {THE HOMES!} are pretty spectacular!

Till next summer!  We love you, Chicago!


  1. Looks like a great time ! Glad your summer has started off right ! Have a wonderful week

  2. oh my...these pictures are wonderful (as usual). the picture of the boys sitting on the train...seriously i may shed a tear! ha! so glad yall had such a great time with your bro! :)

  3. I live in Chicago so I totally "get" what a wonderful time you and your family had! It was really nice to hear what you thought of our city...spread the word! I know you will make many more happy memories with your beautiful family here!


  4. Looks like a wonderful trip...I recognize the Lake Forest spots :) Beautiful pix! Did you pick out a sofa?!

  5. Looks like a wonderful trip...I recognize the Lake Forest spots :) Beautiful pix! Did you decide on a sofa?!

  6. We have Quatrine sofas and chairs and they have lasted an eternity. I have been so happy with them. My only advice is that the linen fabrics are not very durable at all. I am currently looking at new slipcovers right now for one room because the linen has holes from wear. And the slipcovers are so expensive to replace. So go with a different fabric if you do choose them.

  7. Because of you and your Chicago dog picture on Instagram I had to try one! I haven't had a hot dog in years and finding a Chicago dog in Florida is no easy task but I'm so glad I did! I don't think I'll ever eat them any other way.