Friday, June 7, 2013

A Day Trip to the Country | Our Strawberry Adventure

This morning started out very over cast and chilly.  My girlfriend and I packed up our littles and a picnic lunch and headed east in search of strawberries.  We drove past farm after farm, old painted barns, fields of wild flowers and lots of curious animals.  We rolled the windows down so we could say hi and sang plenty of rounds of Old Mac Donald.  With the gray skies and the rolling green hills, it felt as if we were driving through a painting. The rural parts of Ohio are so beautiful, but I still pretended we were in England.

The farm was small and the fields were wet from last night's heavy rain fall but we felt like we'd discovered a little gem.  The kids ran wild and ate more berries than they actually put in their containers.  The farm didn't offer the typical fan fare or market with homemade pies and goodies we'd come to expect.  Just a striped tent with an old scale, a stack of baskets to carry your loot, and a cash only sign.  We loved it.

The berries are amazing!  It was a really fun day, with lots of fun memories in the making!   Now what to make...a pie, a crumble, jam. popsicles....


  1. Tessa, we did the same thing last Sunday. We picked 5 gallons of strawberries, keeping a small amount fresh to enjoy now and freezing the rest. The farm we went to has goats and feed stations for children (and adults who are young at heart!). It was quite fun.

    You mentioned pretending you were in England and I've actually been wondering something ... are you from England originally? I notice you say "mum" - and possibly a couple of other British terms - so I was curious if that's your heritage.

    1. Hi Claudia, Yes and no. I was born in Belgium and lived in Germany. We moved to the US when I was young so I feel and sound American, but my Nana (on my mother's side} was English and her whole family lived in England. I always called my Mum, "Mummy" when I was little and all my friends thought that was funny. xo

  2. Yay!!! This is on my bucket list as well. Charlie is adorable, love his smile. Can't wait to see what you make, I'm going to try to can for the first time. Have a great weekend. Xoxo

  3. Love going to pick in Texas though we pick in April!

  4. glad you had such a great time and it looks like the little one had a great time too !

  5. Now THAT looks like an awesome summer day! And I'm loving the red hunter boots while strawberry picking. Perfectly coordinated! :) Enjoy all your fresh strawberry goodies! xoxo!