Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Our Home | Powder Room Inspiration + Ideas

Wow, it has been aaaaaaages since I've blogged about anything house related. I don't think I've shared a thing since the kitchen re-do.  Truthfully, we had to be very tight with the budget for awhile, I'm talking really, really, cut back to make up for what I {over}spent.  In a way it was nice to take a bit of a decorating hiatus.  No decisions to be made, no websites or pinterest images to stare at for hours on end, no fabrics to ponder over, just to live with and enjoy what we have - it was refreshing and necessary.  Decorating is definitely a hobby and something I truly enjoy but sometimes it's good to step away for a bit.  I thought I might just take a whole year off from tackling any updates or projects around the house, but with the first tiny whisper of spring, the first days of long awaited sun streaming through our windows, comes the familiar itch to freshen up some things in our home too.  Nothing major, but a few little updates here and there.

We have a few spaces in our home that we have yet to touch.  Jimmy's office, the downstairs bathroom and our master bath to be exact.  The master bath is fine for now.  It was remodeled about 2 years before we bought the house and while I'd prefer white, white versus the off white marble and stone in there, it is nice enough and not really a priority.  Jimmy's office adjoins to our bedroom and is truly in need of attention but I've yet to be inspired by something to do it. {Likely because he has visions of framed vintage sports car prints and I, visions of pretty slipcovered desk chairs.}    The downstairs bath, however, is in desperate need of a little TLC.  It's actually a full bath {that Andrew uses to shower bc the upstairs bath is right by Charlie's room and C's usually in bed by the time Andrew showers.}  The downstairs bath is teeny tiny.  The original tile is still in the shower and it is a gorgeous pale blueish gray and in perfect condition {we might be the first owners to actually use the shower}.  The tile surround was re-glazed in white but the glaze is peeling off so fixing that is the first order of business.  The room has peg hooks all the way around, about 3/4 of the way up the wall.  They are very functional and hold a lot of towels, swim bags, googles, etc. pretty much all year round so they will stay.  The window needs to be replaced, it is painted shut and ugly, that will be priority number 2.  I'd like to replace the vanity with a small console or pedestal sink that I can skirt, though I might need to find a way to work with skirting what we have already.  Plus add a new shower curtain and cafe shade in the window all in the same fabric.  Beadboard will be added below the peghooks {something Holly suggested on her visit last spring and I thought, of course!  Why had that thought not crossed my mind?!}  Then everything needs a fresh coat of paint and that will be it.  

Here are my ideas so far along with some inspiration....

I love the way the pleated cafe curtains are mounted outside the windows and the simple rod style.

I adore a skirted sink.  To be more practical though, I will want a sink style that 
will allow the skirt to be attached underneath the front of the basin.

Like this style

some simple new plumbing fixtures too

I love blue and white in a bathroom.

I'm 99% sure this will be my fabric for the shower curtain, sink skirt, and cafe curtain.

I like the very soft gray, almost white, walls and white woodwork. 
I also like the simple light fixtures over the mirrors.

This style from Restoration Hardware feels fitting since bathroom is in playroom
and mostly used by kids, it helps balance out the sweetness from all the flowers that will be in the fabric.

And that's it for now.  Stay tuned.  In usual fashion, I move slow, change my mind, get side tracked, etc.  Ha!

{images from my bathroom pinterest board. sink + faucet from Vintage Tub and Bath. 
Fabric from Les Indiennes}


  1. Beautiful ideas! Do you mind sharing the source/name of the fabric? It's lovely.

  2. Love your inspiration. I just recently changed my bath over from white/red to white/blue. That color combo just says summer!

  3. Awesome ideas! I am IN LOVE with skirted sinks! I just had one made for our downstairs powder bath! I am thrilled with how it turned out! It was just a basic blah sink and now it is fab! I'm amazed at how much it changed the tiny area! Hope you are doing well! xo, Ashley

  4. Love your home and blog!!! And adore your admiration for the Barefoot Contessa!

  5. Love your ideas!!! In my guest bath, I have a pedestal sink and the same RH light fixture. Love them!! The light fixture looks so cute in a small space. I can't wait to see your bathroom!!!

  6. I live the cottage styles you've shown here. I have found excellent bathroom hardware at to complete this look!