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Thursday, April 4, 2013

We spent our Spring Break at home.  Jimmy had to work in Boston for a few days, we were dog sitting duty at our house, so there wasn't much chance to get out of town.  The weather was gray and cold for most of the week, but it didn't dampen our fun, the boys and I made the most of our time together  We went to the movies, ate doughnuts for lunch, battled each other in laser tag,  went on many lunch dates, ate too many french fries, went hiking + exploring, and managed a trip to the zoo on one of the few sunny days.  Monday-Thursday were a blast, but by Friday we began suffering from a a mild case of too much togetherness.  Thankfully, most of Andrew's friends started to return by Saturday morning, just in time!  I'm grateful my cool and fun factor lasted as long as it did! :)


  1. looks like a super cute & fun spring break tessa & surely your cool and fun factor ranked high!
    i loved seeing all the golden shots too! sweet doggy.
    love you in your hunters!! cool factor again!!

  2. Your right spring break is fun for 3 or 4 days but then it's time for everyone to get back on track with school and sechdules ! Hope you have a wonderful day

  3. So glad to have come across your lovely blog. I am looking forward to following along and reading more. Your Easter post was very sweet - love the photo of your little guy sticking out his tounge. Those are indeed the best pictures! Danielle B.

  4. Cute pics! We have spring break this week and have been home. My boys would be jealous over all your excursions! Our break has been much more boring. It's been really nice having a more relaxed schedule and has me looking forward to summer... getting up and out the door this coming Monday will be rough!

  5. Love your red Hunter boots. Kinda wishing I had red to cheer me up on these dreary days! xoxo!

  6. It sounds (and looks) like you and the kids had a ball! Your pictures are so cute! I love your boots (I have them in black and are much more stylish!). And I know how you feel about too much togetherness, I would be frazzled at the end of a normal day with my four!

    Have a wonderful weekend and I am hoping for lots of sun! :)


  7. Such cute pics. I love the one with the wellies.


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