Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dress-Up Days at Preschool

Arrrghhhh, mateys! Today Charlie was a pirate for school.  It's his first time participating in his preschool's annual Pirate Week and he's having a swashbuckling good time!  It's also the first time in more than 5 weeks that I've downloaded my camera card, so brace yourself for a bit of blog catch up. 

{with his teacher, Mrs. Reale}

A few week earlier we had pajama day...

I had my favorite pair of PJs all picked out for C, but he had his heart set on a extra warm, fleecy pair that he outgrew last year.  I let him choose!

I do adore age 4. It isn't always easy.   But MOST of the time it is just plain fun. I love so much about this little guy and our time together.  He is so quick to giggle and make others giggle too.  I love that he gives all his friends nicknames, Cooper becomes "Coop", Hal becomes "Hal Pal", even his bear, Kipper, is usually "Kips."  I love that he tells me things like, "my heart was broken and you fixed it, see, feel it, you made it all better."  I love his up-for-anything attitude, and, on occasion. I do have to laugh at his little indignant march/stomp/skip that makes an appearance when he is upset about not getting his way. 
Ok, next up a post on Valentine's Day. How timely!  Working backward. :)


  1. Tessa very awesome costumes !!! Hope your having a great week !

  2. So cute! What a fun week for the kids! Teddy would love something like that! I agree with you on four...even though, we've only been there a month! Ha! We have had some amazing moments and some rough moments! But, I think I'm really going to enjoy it! Love that C says that about his heart being broken! So sweet! Teddy always says "My feelings are hurt won't give me a cookie." Stuff like that! Haha! xo, Ashley

  3. I love their playful take on this new trend. I especially love all the bright colored prom dresses from ycdress and dressesforbest

  4. what a precious little boy. i love his costumes. stella had a PJ day this week at school and man...nothing gets them out of bed and excited about school like that! they should figure out how to incorporate that spirit into every day. anyway, 4 is wonderful and challenging, isn't it? we have about a month and a half left of being 4. love the nicknames, too! we've got Sophs (Sophie), Brookie (Brooke), and Pipes (Piper)...that last one cracks me up.