Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Picking and Apple Crafting

Last week it rained leaves all over town, buckets and bucket of leaves!  Covering our yard and driveway and filling our gutters completely.  The temperatures dropped and our Sunday walk to the neighborhood Fall Festival felt a whole lot more like early winter than late fall.

We stayed just long enough to see a few friends, take a tractor hayride, pick our pumpkins and then hurry back home to warm up...

This upcoming week is always a busy one, especially when Halloween falls on a weekday.  We've got school parties, parades and last minute costume adjustments on the agenda.  Charlie started sniffling and coughing yesterday, I just hope he doesn't come down with a nasty cold right before Halloween.  For his classmates we put together a fun little craft that I thought we'd share with you...

We stamped small jute bags with apples cut to look like jack-o-lanterns and filled them with Halloween s'mores and a few spooky spiders. The bags were purchased here.  I cut the pumpkin shape using a paring knife and bamboo skewer.  Then brushed on acrylic craft paint with a sponge tip brush and held it on the fabric for about 10-20 seconds.

Once dry, I added a painted leaf.  Super fast craft.  Less than 15 minutes and Charlie helped do the stamping.

Lastly, I celebrated my birthday on Saturday!!  The day started with a Halloween themed relay swim meet and ended with an incredible dinner at my parents.


  1. Tessa! I LOVE how your bags turned out!!!! So adorable! Love the idea of filling them with smores! So cute!!! Hope you enjoyed your birthday! :) I so hope and pray Charlie stays healthy this week!!! This cold bug was such a nasty thing to go through! Happy Monday!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! I love your craft! You are so clever and crafty (:

  3. Sooo cute! Trying the bags now....:/ not as cute as yours tho.... But that's OK :) Happy Halloween Week!

  4. Happy belated bithday! Looks like loads of fun! Happy Halloween!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday as well! Hope it was fun -- looks like it was!

  6. Oh, Tessa! Those treat bags are just adorable! I'm totally pinning that!

  7. Tessa, your post never disappoint me! They warm my heart and make me feel happy! ~Love

  8. Happy belated birthday Tessa!

    We seem to keep passing the cold germs around here.

  9. You couldn't be any cuter if you tried! xoxo!

    PS - And a very happy new year of life to you, my friend!

  10. Happy Birthday Tessa!! I love ur craft. I pinned it for next year. Thanks!!!

  11. love these shots of you guys enjoying the fall together...

    really loving that scarf/vest combo you've got going on in the pictures. :)

  12. Happy birthday!
    Your celebration looks lovely.