Sunday, October 21, 2012

Charlie's 4th Birthday!

{I'm 4!!!!}
{sunshine, where are you??}

{we squeezed a small table in the playroom to serve as a buffet, it was tight but worked}
{post on caramel apples coming soon too!}

{Party favors were superhero Golden Books. }
On Tuesday, the 16th, Charlie turned 4!!!
We had a happy little family celebration at home {for which I will post pics of later} 
and yesterday we celebrated with a costume party for Charlie and 9 friends.
All week long it was predicted that we would have sunny skies, and then Saturday
rolled in bringing nothing but rain.   Costumes were adjusted with rain boots, while tables and food were moved indoors.  Since we have a relatively small house, the idea  of 10 little children 
+ parents running wild with abandon made me a little antsy. 
We compromised by playing our games outside in the garage {not very cute or picturesque}
it wasn't perfect {nor blog worthy! ;)} but the kids had fun.  
Then we set up a long table in the playroom for cupcakes + snacks.
While I think age 4 is the perfect age to introduce party games, the real fun comes when
all the pomp and circumstance is over and they can just relax, be wild, run and play.
They managed to do this in the garage, princesses yielding Nerf guns and the boys acting like Hulk.
Everyone left with all limbs intact and surprisingly no tears despite rather wild antics at times.
Charlie felt special and loved and I got to be a little crafty, just enough.
The top picture in this post is my favorite of all the ones I snapped.  
My gorgeous 4 year old, smiling and sweet.

ps. A BIG thank you to my Mum for heading up the vacuum and hand/face wiping patrol 
and to my Dad for being the back up camera crew!  :)


  1. Sounds like a great time. By looking at the pics you made a little one very happy! Have a great rest of your weekend

  2. Looks like tons of fun! My little brother was a big Batman fan as a child, so your photos bring back good memories. I laughed at the "princesses yielding Nerf guns" That would have been hilarious to see...or maybe that is now the norm for a modern day princess. :)I know Charlie loved his birthday.

  3. Precious! 4 was one of my favorite ages for both of our boys. They are so adventuresome and sweet at that age. Your party theme is adorable.

  4. Happy birthday to Charlie! Gosh, you really did a beautiful job with the decorations, food, party favors -- everything! And those cupcakes look amazing. The little kids with their costumes on are so cute. Looks like a great time was had by all.

  5. Precious. Bennett wants a superhero/princess party for his 5th. I love the party favors!

  6. As always, beautiful post and beautiful birthday boy! ~Leslie

  7. Happy birthday to your big four-year-old! What a sweet party! I have such fond memories of Golden Books from my childhood - love that you gave them as favors! I also am excited to see that the caramel apples were a success. I've been eying that recipe for a few weeks now, but knowing everyone's / my track record with Martha recipes, was hesitant.

  8. You have so many adorable details. A very classy superhero party indeed!

  9. Oh my, the details...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!! Such great pics - Charlie is so sweet - Happy Birthday! Any of those Superheroes or Princesses Merrit's??!! :) Beautiful job as always!

  10. Tess, one more thing...can you share how to make those bat pumpkins? is it felt? and did they glue them on or you had them done ahead of time? thanks.


  11. You did such a great job! Having done a superhero party myself, it's really hard to keep it classy and you did just that. There are just enough superhero touches, without it being smacked in your face. I'm sure Charlie loved every minute of it (:

  12. Sounds and looks like everyone had fun! And yes, the "details" are perfect! Happy Belated Birthday to your little guy!

  13. Tessa~everything looked so adorable!!! Sorry to hear about the rain but I bet the kiddos enjoyed the games in the garage just as much!! Loved this party theme! We may "borrow" it for Teddy's 4th in January!! Happy birthday again to Charlie!! He looks adorable in his costume! Xoxo, Ashley