Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of 4th Grade!

{a very non-genuine smile!}

This morning we walked our 4th grader to school!!  Andrew slept well and woke up rearing to go.  I, on the other hand, was off, and have remained off the entire day.  I blame it on my own night-before-back-to-school jitters and multiple midnight visits from a certain 3 year old who was seeing monsters in his room.  I had so carefully laid out everything in advance -- backpack, supplies, ingredients for breakfast, yet somehow this morning I managed to make pumpkin spice doughnuts without pumpkin {I was able to make a quick save and they tasted fine but it put us a little behind schedule} AND we managed to walk about 1/4 of the way to school before we realized the supply box was left at home.  Nothing like sending off your child on the first day without even a pencil!  Thankfully, Daddy was there to run back and we still made it with plenty of time to spare.  Sometimes my attempts to make a day extra special and properly mark the occasion don't really end up quite as I planned.  I even messed up the after school/dinner treat too!  Andrew requested homemade pretzels and my first batch of dough didn't rise!!  My second batch was glorious though and while they weren't ready when he walked in the door, they were an hour later and all was just fine! But what absolutely made my day was seeing Andrew's big smile after school and hearing about how "awesome" his day was and how much he likes his teacher. Yay! Here's to many more days just like this! 

For Andrew...
I pray that this year is your best yet.
That this is the year you realize being you is enough.
I pray that you have a teacher that sees your creativity and appreciates your busy mind.
I pray you continue to learn when it's necessary to conform {a little} 
and when it's time to let go and express your individuality. 
I pray that you have good friends near you when you need them.
I pray you stand by and stick up for others when they need you.
I pray you stay so honest and share all the details of your day, good and bad.
I pray you know it's more important to have a loving heart than a strong mind.
I pray I don't put too much pressure on you or set expectations too high, 
and I pray you forgive me when I do.
I pray your worries are few and that you don't rush to grow up.
I pray you leave me each morning feeling loved 
and lastly, I pray that there is a smile on your face {most days} when you return home.

{in 2 short years this one will be joining them. so hard to believe!}


  1. Oh such precious days and memories. Hugs, Marty

  2. What a super sweet post. I am sure Andrew had a special first day - even if it didn't go as you had planned. Don't be hard on yourself - glory at the effort you were making! (It's the thought that counts, right?!) Love love love the prayer. You had written previously (I think) about the school being renovated...was it finished in time for the new school year - or it is a lengthy renovation?

  3. what a lovely post! I think your prayers and wishes for your son are heartfelt and shared by many moms out there. Glad the first day went well!

  4. Hello,

    Best wishes for a great school year!

    We start tomorrow!


  5. I love your prayer for your son. He is blessed to have you for a mom!

  6. Aw, how precious. I taught 4th grade forever and it's my favorite. :)

    Your son will no doubt have a wonderful school year with the support of you and your hubby.

  7. What a sweet post and a sweet prayer for Andrew. I think every mom hopes for that and you said it so beautifully. Glad to hear he had a great day!!

  8. Wonderful prayer. I am just now seein this. So good

  9. Aww, I'm jealous that you didn't have to start until after Labor Day. I know I won't be jealous when summer starts at Memorial Day for us, but what happened to the gool ol' days of summer lasting from Memorial Day to Labor Day?!?! You're a sweet mama! xoxo!

  10. Lovely prayer- sums it all up so sweetly.

    Hope it is a wonderful year!

  11. Sons are just the best, especially when their name is Andrew! My Andrew started high school this year which I just cannot believe. Such a sweet prayer, Tessa and very cute pictures. My son won't ever smile his beautiful, natural smile for a picture - don't ask me why, I haven't figured that one out!

  12. love your prayer for your sweet boy....
    praying those same things for my littles.

  13. I hope he has a great year! It is bittersweet, it goes by so fast. Thank you for sharing. Have a great week, Jen