Monday, August 6, 2012

Family Road Trip | Chicago

Last weekend we headed out on another summer road trip.   This time to visit my brother and his family in Wilmette, Illinois, a cute town, filled with old houses, brick streets, and pretty lake Michigan beaches.  They moved to Wilmette a year ago and this was the first chance we had to visit them in their new home.  I will start by saying that my photography was a bit off. I usually like to capture some shots of the town and the homes but my attention was pretty laser focused on our four boys.

The weather was perfect {except for a strange and sudden late afternoon shower on Saturday} so we spent most of our visit outside, on the beach and at the pool.

We hadn't planned to let the kids get in the lake on the first night, but after 6 hours in the car, 
it felt good to let loose! :)

We managed a dinner out, all 8 of us, in the tiniest restaurant, and I can happily report that, despite the slightly sleep deprived states, all of the children were extremely well behaved and the food was very good {Gilson's if you happen to find yourself in the area. Get the Macadamian crusted sea bass with the white wine sauce and steal a few herbed fries with truffle oil from a small, unsuspecting, nearby dining companion}.

 I had hoped for a chance to shop and decorate with my SIL, Toni, but there wasn't time. It was such a pleasure to watch our boys enjoying their time together so much.  They played from the second they got up until the lights went out at night.

I'm so proud and happy for my brother and the life he is creating in his charming home and family oriented town.  We look forward to making more memories there in what will likely become an annual summer trip! Thanks, Kev + Toni, for opening your home to us and being such welcoming hosts!!


  1. Looks like a great family time! Have a great rest of the week

  2. I adore your blog... Looks like y'all enjoyed a wonderful family trip!

  3. Looks like a wonderful trip. A lake with waves...we don't see that around here! And that pool looks glorious.

  4. It is great fun to catch up with family and enjoy being together! You can just about hear the giggles.

    Those peanut butter cups look dangerous ... but I'm still willing to give them a try. Ha!

    Have a great week ~

  5. We really must be friends! Your posts about the Midwest nearly bring me to tears despite the wonder that is London 2012. Nothing like cousin/brother/sister/in-law time. Happy summer to you and MANY thanks for your lovely updates! xo. PS. We just started reading a few new library finds - Judy Blume books -- about "The Great One" and "The Pain" -- brother/sister series - FYI.

  6. Looks like a great getaway! I'm going to make your chocolate cups this week. You're dangerous!!

  7. Tessa--stumbled across your blog some time ago--asked you about your darling slipcovers! I just wanted to tell you what a delight your blog is . . . I, too, am a young mother--two little ones who keep me on my toes and more often--my knees. I simply wanted to tell you that I think you are a doll! Your posts are tender, honest & refreshing!! Thanks for sending a little bit of Southern grace & charm our way via the blogosphere! Fondly-Amanda

  8. Hi Tessa - I just started following your blog not too long ago. I love your style. I am also a mom of two young boys who will be 3 in few weeks. I was looking at some of your older posts and came across this post. I grew up in Wilmette and now live 15 miles north west. My mom actually still lives there so I am in the area often. Anyway, I was looking at your pictures from your trip and was thinking to myself that the sceneary in the pictures looks very familiar. Then I started to look closer and noticed that your brother appears to live on the same block as my mom! She lives in a little Cape Cod on the top of the hill. Small world, huh? Love your blog and the inspiration that it brings!