Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Playing at the Park | Best Buddies

charlie + elliot
age 3.5  [almost 4 for elliot!!}
best buds 
current trouble makers, super heroes,  share a Happy Meal, run-around-wild kind of friends
future biking buddies, teammates, first sleep-over-at-each-other's-house kind of friends

{so happy i packed my camera along with the sippy cup and granola bar this morning.}


  1. Beautiful photos! I love the stage my little boy is at right now, but your posts always get me excited for the point he'll be at a few years down the road!

  2. So adorable!! They will be best buddies forever.

  3. Hi. I didn't see where I could email you directly so I am leaving a comment. I found your blog through Holly's blog and was interested when I saw that you are local. I am new to Cincinnat, by way of Boston. I am dying for some great recommendations for things like.....LOCAL places (what's with all the chains here?)... home shops, where do get custom pillows/curtains/monogramming....hair salon...and where is the best place to get seafood around here? If you would be so kind, I'd love to hear your recommendations. I feel like we would like the same things :). I have two little boys as well. They are younger than your two cuties, but I would be interested to hear fun places to visit with them.
    Thanks so much. I hope this comment isn't too weird. ...
    All the best,
    Alissa Pease

    ...one more question... where is the best farmer's market?