Sunday, June 3, 2012

Our Weekend | Great Friends + Good Food + Pretty Homes

This weekend was a treat.  We had a special house guest, my good friend, Holly.  Holly is a designer and very popular blogger, as almost all of you well know.  Her blog was one of the first ones I started reading and we became friends several years ago, after she helped work on a couple rooms in our home and we realized we had more in common than a love of decorating.  Even though we talk via email and texts almost daily, we had never met in person till this weekend.  And while this might sound a bit odd, being together was as familiar and comfortable as with any "real life" friend that lives here.  We had a blast together.  Here's how we spent our time...

We walked around the village and I pointed out plenty of "Holly" houses.
Basically confirming to her that she'd be right at home living here should she ever want to move.

Holly saw several clients in her two days here.  Whew!  I joined her on a couple visits.
I pretended to be her assistant.  Doing a lot of this...

One of the homes Holly is working on is that of my friend and neighbor, Carrye.
I adore her home. ADORE.  I can't spend too much time in it though, because it is makes me want to come home, pitch everything and start all over. 
It's warm and cozy and uncluttered. 
Definitely one of my very favorite homes.  
Holly is primarily helping with ideas for her boys' rooms and little finishing touches here and there.  Carrye is kind enough to let me share a few of my favorite spaces in her home.  
{Let the pinning commence!! :)}
{I know I'll get questions.  Her upholstery is almost all Quatrine. Her paint colors, all Farrow and Ball}

Holly also had clients is neighboring towns.
Where we continued to house stalk, rolling down the windows of our black car and taking pics.
Like house paparazzi...

We found time to pop in a few of my favorite shops...

They even put out buffalo check chairs in honor of Holly's visit. {hehe!}...

My boys were so excited for her to arrive and they just loved her!  
Charlie got in his share of snuggle time.
And Andrew did Facetime with Holly's son, Drew, talking the finer points of Lego.

We drank lots of coffee + lattes... 
Ate our share of chocolate {I think my chocoholic tendencies might have surprised? frightened? Holly, but it was chilly and coffee and chocolate just belong together}...
Had a very late night dinner outside at a local bistro 
{where a cute, young, server and recent Ole Miss graduate, was quite smitten with Miss Mathis. :)}...
Holly had her first scoop of Graters ice cream...
And I thought of a million more things I'd love to have shown her but there just wasn't time...  
It was sooooo nice having her here.  She fits right in and I was very sad to see her go.  
But I know three boys who will be mighty happy to have their pretty Mama back home!  


  1. Sounds like you girls had a great weekend! Love your neighbor's home. Hope you'll share what Holly does with it, too.

  2. Oh what a wonderful weekend!! Sounds like a whirlwind, and chocolate and coffee are always needed for that. I looooove that second little house in your post up there. It looks like just the right size for us soon-to-be-empty-nesters, and that red door? Perfect! I KNOW I would love your if I can just talk this husband of mine into moving...

  3. How fun! I adore Holly's blog and found your blog through hers. So glad you had a wonderful time together. Great photos! And, yes, I will be pinning!

  4. Those buffalo check chairs!!! They'd be perfect in my living room.

    Ps. I borrowed your tissue paper flower wreath idea for the 4th of July but linked back to your blog for the how-to. :)

  5. Wow, I've been following your blog for a long time and had no idea you were in Cincy. I grew up there. So fun to see familiar sites in your post. Thanks for sharing, liz

  6. It looks like your guys had such a great time!! What fun : ))
    The shops look amazing too...and I love your maxi skirts!

  7. What a great weekend!!! Isn't it funny how we can have online friends that are so dear to us but never have met them? Gosh, if I had a designer come to my house I'd ask them a million and one questions. I bet you guys worked on your kitchen project. Can't wait to see it! And I would've taken her to Graeter's as well :)

  8. Why did this never dawn on me. I had no idea you lived in Cincci . I always thought you were nestled in a quaint Va, community . I live in Louisville and cant wait to make the small trek to visit a few of the "stops" you mentioned. Love your style and appreciation to make a home a home. Lovely in everyw ay

  9. So cool that you two got to meet and that you had such a good time. I love the houses in your area...reminds me of my hometown Mansfield. I especially like the 2nd house. Looks like a little cottage.
    I mentioned you and your chocolate chip cookies on my blog today. They were so darn good...can't wait to make them again!

  10. What a fun weekend you had. Love Carrye's beautiful home, but I am obsessed with the shingled house!!

  11. I have to admit, I missed your posting! I like reading you with my morning coffee. Such inspirational photos. I think I need to "fluff" a little around my nest.

  12. Now that is such a darn cute skirt. I really feel the need to buy it RIGHT NOW! Could you please let me know where you purchased it from?

    1. thanks angela, it is darn comfy too!! it was from ella moss last spring.

  13. What a fun weekend! Looks like you two had a great time!!

  14. Tessa, looks like you both had so much fun!! So crazy that you're just not meeting in person for the first time.

  15. I just adore your blog, and Holly too!! She came and visit me a few weeks ago. I had never met her before either. She helped me w/ my old home and now she is helping me w/ my current home. She is so amazing!! I think I met a friend forever!! I met you from Holly, and I so enjoy your blog too!! Your home is gorgeous!! And, pretty please keep blogging. I love your recipes, home and your family and oh your clothes! ha!! xoxo, Rachel

  16. I want in! I want to come play with y'all. So cute and fun!

    In regards to your last post, I'm finding no time at all, sadly, to post or read other blogs. Maybe once it's too hot to go outside? After all, it was summertime when I started blogging. One day...until then, sigh....

  17. After reading Holly's post I had to come back and comment again. I love how she described your home. That is how I want my house to feel - inviting and welcoming all while being tastefully decorated and comfortable.

  18. What fun to be with a friend who likes the same things. Great houses on here. Your town looks so adorable. Just checked out Holly's blog and I love it.


  19. You and Holly are two of my favorite blog friends. So fun to think of you being together. I know it was magical! I'm with her on being able to picture you opening a cute bakery in your little village! xoxo!

  20. jealous!!! I want to hang out with both you guys! xoxo

  21. How fun to meet and spend time with a blog friend! You both look gorgeous and I can imagine you never ran out of things to talk about! Pretty, pretty homes too!
    xo, Michelle

  22. Hi Tessa - Thanks for the tour of your neighborhood! Very charming! Enjoyed the tour of Carrye's house. Work and fun....that's pretty cool ;)

  23. I just stumbled upon your blog and realized that I have seen (and pinned) pics of your home bc of Holly Mathis! ha When you mentioned Grater's Ice cream I knew I liked you! We lived in Louisville for a while and LOVED getting their yummy stuff!