Saturday, April 14, 2012

Shopping | Online General Store

I was recently talking with blog friend, Tiffany, about our shared love of general stores.  In New England they seem to be alive and well in just about every charming little town.  In Cape Cod, my favorite is the Brewster General Store.  It is walking distance from the home we rent and one where I've watched Andrew play with the same wooden marble maze that I played with as a little girl.  It's always the last stop on our way out of town too, usually to pick up a couple little bags of lobster shaped gummy candies for friends back home.

While clicking through on a pinned image I discovered this terrific shop in Brooklyn.  A slightly modern twist on the everyday general store {no lobster gummies here, but certainly a few other cute gift ideas} with really fabulous + simple products.  I had fun browsing on the website tonight {oh yeah! a rocking Saturday night!} and thought you might too....

Above are a few of my favorite picks.  I especially like the striped linen hand towel above far left.   It would work great as a dinner napkin and reminds me a bit of the ones used in these favorite place settings {pinned on my entertaining board}.


  1. We had a real "rockin Saturday night" also staying home the kids. I am so excited to go check out that website! I love your picks. I have been looking for some nice wire baskets... Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. Neat site! I always gravitate to kitchen goods when it comes to general stores...and most other stores too. :) They had some neat aprons (which I am in need of), and I really liked the linen dish towel with the red line on it (of course, red)
    Thanks for sharing the shopping info with us.

  3. Love General stores too....we have a cute one nearby and we go there weekly for their fresh popped popcorn for movie night. The kids enjoy all the old fashion gizmos and stuff!
    Can't wait to check out their website. Thank you for sharing.
    Take care,

  4. Um, yeah.....looks like the greatest store ever!

  5. You are such a major rager. I love this site and want it all. Esp. loving that little duck with striped feetsies to add to a gift for a baby boy.

  6. Wow what a great site. I love it all. You have a good eye Tessa. I really want the cutting board, tote and love the striped towel! What a cute idea for the table. I have to admit I enjoy a Saturday night on Pinterest.


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