Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter At Our Home

Happy Easter, my friends!
I hope today was filled with lots of joyful celebration for you and your families.
It was a glorious spring day for us and we enjoyed hosting brunch for
my parents (+ Emma, the best dog ever ).

I have only one rule when it comes to setting the table.  Only real flowers, no exceptions. Ever.
I liked how this arrangement came together.  The flowers were bought at Trader Joe's.
I probably spent less than $25.
This bunny was safely tucked in Charlie's arms tonight.
He fell asleep at 5:50 PM.  I worry how early I will be up with him tomorrow.
I kept the baskets really simple this year:
a book + a small toy + three eggs filled with candy + chocolate bunny
The "egg hunt" was finding eggs with written clues in them.
They had to follow the clues to find their hidden baskets.
The Brunch Menu:
Cheddar and Dill Scones
Baked Eggs with Tomatoes and Herbs
Hashbrown Potatoes
Roasted Asparagus
Ham with Assorted Chutneys
{Cranberry + Apricot + Ginger Chutney
and Mango Mustard Chutney}

Lemon Madelaines
Honey & Vanilla Pound Cake Topped with Berries

Orange, Peach, Mango Mimosas

We drizzled fresh honey over the cake. Yum.

Entirely unplanned..all three in gingham. 
We love gingham, yes we do.  We love gingham, how about you?! :)

We love our Emma!! 
My Mum and I spotted those two hanging out while we were doing dishes.
She is indeed smiling!
More delicious than chocolate, that face!
I will be back with recipes next week....


  1. Your home, the dining table, everything looks lovely! Certainly a wonderful Easter day for you and your family.

  2. kelly in georgiaApril 8, 2012 at 5:52 PM

    Absolutely beautiful as always! Love the gingham guys! I could eat some of those baked eggs with tomatoes right now. yum!

  3. Your Easter looks so lovely, especially the flowers the table. Thank you for sharing your lovely day!

  4. Everything looks wonderful! Love the family cute! I'm in *love* with gingham :)

  5. Everything looks so beautiful!! Love your brunch menu and love your cute orange dress!! Where did you purchase that cute dress?? The boys are so adorable!! Happy Easter!!

  6. I echo rachel's comments from above, including where did you get that awesome orange dress?

  7. You, your family and your home all look gorgeous! I bought my flowers at Trader Joe's too...great place and good value on blooms. Happy Easter to you all!

  8. So pretty--flowers, food, company. I'm looking forward to your recipes, and your arrangement and table tips, too.

  9. Lovely - I have those same little egg cups....TJ's has the best flowers.... A home and a table should always be filled with natural beauty, a little effort goes a long way! happy Easter!

  10. Tessa, so beautiful! Your table, flowers, food, decor are all magazine worthy! What is your secret? Such beautiful pictures of your family and Emma! Happy Easter!

  11. Glad you had a great Easter Tessa! ! Have a great Monday!

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  13. The food looks amazing! I feel like rushing to Trader Joe's for some orange mango juice. I am looking forward to the recipes. ;)

    Love your gingham guys in the gingham chair!!

    Where did you find the great little eggs in the Easter basket?

    1. thanks, kellie! that juice is really good! a rush to TJ's might be in order!! :) the paper mache eggs are from "tuesday morning" a number of years ago. they sell them every easter. i've also seen them at tj max and williams sonoma.

  14. rachel + susan ~ the dress is from anthropologie. here is a link:

  15. Tudo lindo!!
    Belo café da manhã.
    Beijo grande e boa semana!!!

  16. Your flowers look beautiful {as does your entire home}. We too, unintentionally, all coordinated this Easter too. I didn't realize it until after we took some family pictures and I was putting them on the computer. I guess Family Easter pictures are just meant to be! Happy Easter!


  17. My second comment, but I forgot to ask a question! Where did you find Easter candies made without artificial colors & flavorings? We are in the midst of transitioning our family to an artificial color/flavor free diet & I found it difficult to locate candies that fit the bill. Thanks!

    1. kim ~ great question and now i'm thinking i should of done a post on this topic if i had been more organized. i've had luck at whole foods in their candy section and in the bakery area they often put seasonal candies like jelly beans at easter time. my only issue with whole foods is the prices. i don't really care to spend $10 on a box of candy only to use a few pieces. trader joe's has lots of options that are less expensive, jelly beans, lollipops, gummy candy, etc. also, most good quality chocolate is all natural, just check the label to make sure it is vanilla and not vanillin in there. an online source that makes beautiful lollipops and has great gummy candies even for stage 1 of the feingold diet is "indie candy": {not sure if you plan to follow feingold or just eliminate artificial colors and flavors}. hope that helps! i have had zero luck at big chain grocery stores. good luck on the switch!! i've found the all natural stuff to taste better and since it costs a bit more we buy less and tend to save it for special occasions!

  18. Everything about your Easter brunch was beautiful!! Your food looked delicious, cant wait for the recipes! I also want to know... how do you do all you do and manage to pull it off so effortlessly?! Is there a class I can take to learn how to do this? :) Also, where did you find the cute Easter Bunny for the baskets?

    1. that's very sweet, christy. thank you. i make a lot of things ahead of time and freeze them. we ate chipotle for dinner the night before so i could set the table and prep for the next morning. that and i have dust on my furniture and the bathroom floors need a good scrubbing. the bunny is a bla-bla doll and can be found here:

  19. Beautiful as always! I just adore your blog! My favorite! You inspire me to live a beautiful life! Also have to say, your mother is stunning, what is her secret to such a youthful look? Xo Leslie

  20. Tessa, your holiday posts always make me want to come spend the next holiday at your house. Everything looks so delicious and cozy over there! So glad you and your family had a great Easter. You should offer a local cooking class. I would be the first to sign up!

  21. lovely!

    and i love that fabric tucked under the egss onthe post below;;;

  22. It should be no surprise that you and I filled our little ones baskets with the same big choc bunny & the big eggs (were yours from World Market, too?). That's how I'm going to do it from here on out - a few big items instead of all the itsy bitsy tiny stuff. Your table is beautiful and I love the boys' gingham shirts and your orange dress!!! Looks like a beautiful Easter memory made. xo

  23. Simply gorgeous! You really have a knack for decorating and entertaining. Oh, and you look so pretty in orange! Your dog looks like a sweetie. I'm such a dog person!

  24. I had lunch today with Michelle from A Haus to Call Home and she mentioned your blog -- I've never visited -- but I'm smitten -- so much so that I've added your blog to my sidebar as a "Friend of Linderhof" so that I can keep up with your new posts.

    A great blog and I can't believe that we made almost the same cookies -- only you outlined yours -- I just frosted mine with Royal icing but I did paint on details!

  25. love Easter at your house. :)
    beautiful table...beautiful food...beautiful family....
    all of those flowers were at our trader joes, too!


  26. Lovely Easter table. Our Easter involved two big furry Goldens right in the middle of it all. And my Biscuit and Chloe definitely smile, too :)