Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Saturday Walk in the Village

Spring has arrived in our little village.
I am admittedly not a spring person.
But with glorious days like today, I could be persuaded to feel differently.
Signs of spring are everywhere; the air is crisp and the sun feels warm.
After Charlie woke from his nap, (the one that occurs rather irregularly these days)
we took a walk into town for ice cream and coffee.
I grabbed my camera...

{Charlie thought this was the first lemonade stand of the year, but instead they were selling fossils}
{Payton joined us too. Andrew and Payton have been good friends since they were 4 and 5}

I look forward to this hill of daffodils every year.  They are one of the first sights
you see when you drive in our village.  They cover the hill leading up to the old stone chapel.
The chapel grounds and adjacent cemetery provide the perfect spot for hide and seek.
Hide and seek in an old cemetery that is surrounded by a stone wall with an iron gate.
Truly, it doesn't get better.  

{leap frog}

On the way back home, we stopped at the park.
I wish this handsome monkey was a little less aware of the camera.
He doesn't exactly let me swoop him up in my lap and plant kisses all over his face anymore either.

Three hours later we returned home.
And both boys went to sleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow!


  1. Would love to live in a little village like that , walking distance to everything really lucky!Have a great rest of the weekend tessa !

  2. What a charming neighborhood! And, how nice that it's within walking distance of ice cream and coffee :) I've got 4 boys, and I'm down to 1 who will still let me plant kisses on him :(

    Looks like you had a great family day!

  3. Aw, love!!! I want to move to your village!!!!!!!

  4. You are such an adorable family...and you live in such a charming village. I wish I lived in a village!!!

  5. I just adore seeing your village -- truly a dream lifestyle!

  6. Gorgeous photos! Your children look precious. Love the daffodils... and the monuments in that cemetery are impressive. Hide and seek would be very cool there. I'm not a spring person either. Here in the south the pollen blankets everything... wish i could wrap my screened porch in plastic until it is done - everything is covered in a layer of yellow yuck. enjoy your sunday this spring day (while i go wash the car)!

  7. I saw the daffodil's on the hill when we drove home from church this morning. I look forward to them every year too! Made me smile!

  8. Hi! I just wanted to let you know how very much I enjoy your blog. We seem to love many of the same things in life:) I made your wonderful quiche from several posts back for a meeting of an herb study group that I belong to. Rave reviews by all and many requests for the recipe soI explained where I had gotten it and the name of your blog! Hmmm...sounds like soon there will be even more fans of Nine & Sixteen.

    Keep up the good work, Sheila

    1. sheila ~ thank you! i've made that quiche a few more times myself too. glad you and your friends enjoyed it! thanks for reading! xo, tessa

  9. @Kelly in Georgia, AMEN to the screened porch and pollen, I decluttered my porch Saturday until the pollen season is over, would love a remedy to help, any ideas, anyone?

  10. You live in such a lovely place! I've so enjoyed this warmer weather - it's been great to get the kids out to burn off some energy.

  11. Hi! I've just discovered your lovely blog and I think your village looks strangely familiar to me..... perhaps we live close to one another!

  12. Tessa, Loved this post. Those years are so precious. Your boys remind me so much of mine just a few short years ago. I miss the days at the park. Your town looks so charming.

    Always enjoy your posts.


  13. When I attack Stella with kisses and snuggles every other minute, I wonder when she'll be too old for it. I hope never.

    These are precious pictures. I love that you live in a town where they have town meetings. That sign thrills me.

    Have a wonderful week eating lots of chocolate cake! xo

  14. love these shots of your weekend stroll with the family.....moments to remember.

  15. I've been following you on IG and just found your blog today. Love it so. We were just in your sweet town last summer for a wedding at this very church! Small world. Love your home! Makes me want to move to OH...almost.