Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Recipe | Cinnamon + Sugar Pull Apart Bread

Good morning!
Spring Break greetings from Southern Ohio!
Yes, that's right.
Another Spring Break and we seem to be the only peeps in town.
I'm a bit of a party pooper when it comes to traveling for spring break.
I just don't feel the need to get out of town. In fact, I prefer to stay home.
Sure, a beach would be nice, but my favorite ones are in New England
where it isn't exactly beach weather this time of year.
I like being home, staying in our PJs a little longer,
spending time in the kitchen and garden, and enjoying my boys.
No airports, no suitcases to pack, no rushing around.
We've started each day with a big breakfast.
Oh. My. Goodness.

 As much as I enjoying cooking, eating, well, food in general, I'm not a big
food blog reader.  I don't really know why.
Thankfully, I stumbled on Joy's blog, this post on her bread, 
and I've been dreaming it about it ever since. Literally.
You must read her post, she describes it perfectly, and after seeing her
pictures and reading her descriptions I was under some spell and
found myself compelled to make it.
It is a test of patience this bread....

I made the dough last night, got up early this morning and went through the remaining steps...
Brown butter, sugar, cinnamon, yeasty dough {like a "soft pillow of heaven" as Joy described it.)
Let the dough rest, wait, punch it down, wait, roll it out + slice it up, wait, 
in the oven, wait, take it out, wait. wait, wait, wait...
Good grief, it is like torture.
But soooo worth it. So. Very. Worth. It.
Any wonder why I prefer a spring break at home?! :)
Now go make this before you start dreaming about it.
{I did not change a single thing, either.}
{Sure you can you frozen bread dough, but don't. Not this time!}

and one more, because I know you are wondering about the inside...
gooey, deliciousness...


  1. Oh my GOODNESS is right! Wish I weren't gluten free! Haven't learned to adapt recipes and am not much of a baker, but that looks delicious! Xo!

  2. I am drooling all over this computer! That looks delicious. I am NOT a morning cooker, so that would have to be an afternoon or evening treat around this house. Enjoy your spring break. Ours is next week...not going anywhere either. One year we went to NC for "Spring" break and got 16 inches of snow! A record there for April Fool's Day (not fun being trapped in snow on the interstate.) I vowed then to never drive north again for spring break.

  3. Looks AMAZING!!! I'm not sure I could be patient enough, but it looks so good I may have to try :)

  4. i'm totally drooling! This is so funny because I was just talking about cinnamon toast this afternoon. This looks much, much better!

  5. It looks divine! This may be something I could tackle over Spring break since we too are staying home. I have activities like, meet Daddy for lunch, zoo, park, indoor swimming, childrens museum planned as I liked to get out of the house. Should be a busy week!

  6. okay I pinned it bc it looks delicious!!! It's not exactly gluten free, but I may cook it anyway and treat my family!

  7. I can almost taste that. It looks so good. I normally wouldn't attempt to make this because I think I would eat the entire thing but I think for Easter morning when we will have 14 people here this could be a great treat for all the kids especially!

  8. Stop. It. If only I had the time to make this! I would probably eat the entire loaf :)

  9. wow, wow, wow. that looks delish! my mind scrambles trying to carve out time this weekend to make it....

  10. Tessa, We have spent many a school break at home when everyone else was at far-flung locals. I think we enjoyed some of those weeks the most. When you love being in your home and with your kids, it's a treat to be off the regular schedule!

    The bread looks amazing! I will try to make it for my Easter Brunch.