Saturday, March 3, 2012

Kitchen Inspiration

Lately, I find myself repinning images I know I've already pinned because I'm too lazy to scroll through my pin boards to find them.  Earlier this week, I was trying to describe the planned kitchen changes to our carpenter in order for him to provide an accurate estimate and there I was with my laptop up trying to show him "exactly" what I wanted with pinned images and it got a bit ugly.  I believe his exact words were, "oh, this is Pinterest.  Seems a bit difficult to find what you need."  Uh-huh. When you've pinned over 3000 images I have to agree.  So, for me and for him, I decided put all my favorites in one tidy place to refer to again and again when I start to lose my way.  I should preface by saying we are NOT doing a major kitchen remodel. If we were, I'd have a whole set of other inspirational images! We are just sprucing it up.  But even a good sprucing involves a lot of decisions and I have a hard time making decisions.  I know exactly how I want the kitchen to feel.  I'm not going for a showplace kitchen.  Nothing too fancy, fancy or too cutesy, cutesy.  I will admire those from a far and blog about them too. For me,  I crave a hard working space, that feels organic and cozy.  These pictures will help....

The Fry's kitchen {EmersonMade}
open shelves + farmhouse sink + soapstone counters + butcher block island 
{check, check, check}

The above were in House Beautiful and the latest edition of 
Martha Stewart's Organization special edition magazine.
I would like to replicate this exact style of the open shelving, right down to the corbels.

The above is from Coastal Living and I've blogged about it before.
I love the the island, simple lights, chalk board, open shelves.  It's all very understated and practical.


This one needs no introduction from "It's Complicated"
I love the skirted counter, I will add one under my sink, but mostly I love it for the feeling it evokes.
Ok, so it is a movie set, but if this were real life, it would clearly be a cook's kitchen.
There is some clutter {maybe a bit too much}. It's cozy. It's warm. 
A kitchen you just know smells divine!

The above is from Ashley Putman.
A home I've stared at longer than I care to admit.
Again, I like the white, sparse, organic feel of her kitchen. A lot. And the stack of cookbooks!

Lastly, the above is not a kitchen, but I'm keeping it here for the walls.
I'd like to have horizontal planks on the wall  where we plan to have open shelving.
That's all for now...
Many, many more kitchen posts to come!!


  1. kelly in georgiaMarch 3, 2012 at 6:24 PM

    These are all lovely,and your last "non-kitchen" one is a photo I had planned to use in my 2nd blog post...coming soon to a computer near you. lol
    Although I am a sucker for white kitchens myself, I am liking yellow more these days...must be the drab dreary weather here.
    Good luck with the kitchen reno...LOTS of details and decisions, but when it all comes together I know you will love it!

  2. Tessa I LOVE all these images! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  3. I love open shelving....wish I would've incorporated into our kitchen somewhere. Oh well.....and horizontal planking? I'm in love with it. We did the tongue and groove on the ceiling and it's probably my favorite part of the kitchen. Looking forward to seeing your progress!

  4. All of these are beautiful & I really like your idea of a "hard working kitchen". I'm really looking forward to seeing your kitchen progress.

  5. Tessa, I love pinning kitchen images too. You and I have very similar taste. My kitchen board on Pinterest is the my largest one by far. It's funny, I'll see a photograph and think, oh, Tessa would LOVE this!

  6. I'm totally with you on the pinning way too much dept. lol Your vision is clear from the pics and I'm sure it will be amazing! Can't wait to see the finished product.

  7. I've pinned and repinned the same images over and over and over.

    I need to go through and delete the repeats, but I'm not sure I've got the extra hour it would take in my schedule. :)

    We're looking at a home to buy, and the kitchen has such wonderful bones to it....a great place to start with my favorite pinterest kitchens.

    Until I know if the house can be ours, I'll just keep pinning my heart out.

  8. Your inspiration photo's are picture perfect. I'm looking forward to seeing your space. I thought you might be working on a kitchen from your pins. Can you tell we are gutting a bath :) We are pretty much finished picking everything out! Just have to finalize the sink and pick out one more light. Hope your enjoying your weekend.

  9. Love the photos. I'm sure whatever you decide it will all be as gorgeous as the rest of your home. You have impeccable taste! The first photo is close to what we are currently doing to our kitchen. We too, are sprucing up vs. major remodeling. We are still holding out for the 1920's dream house and don't want to sink all of our cash into our current kitchen, but want to update and "charm it up." We painted our oak cabs a warm white and will be getting estimates soon for soapstone and a farm sink. We took down a large 80's oak box light and added schoolhouse pendants over the island. Am thinking of taking the cab doors off just like in photo #1 for the open shelf look. Fun ,but frustrating, cause I don't want to waste $$ on anything which may later cause buyer's remorse. I feel a little pressure to get it right the first time...changes to a kitchen, even less major ones, can be so expensive! Good luck, Tessa, it will be so worth the headache in the end, right?!
    xo, Michelle

  10. Gorgeous kitchens - adore the open shelving - think it adds so much character!! Can't wait to follow the progress...

  11. Amazing pics of awesome spaces. My favourite is the one from Coastal Living. Thanks for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  12. Tessa, all these pics have your name written all over them!! And, for the record, I've stared at A.Putman's kitchen so much that it's pretty ridiculous. I love every detail of it even down to that cute little lamp on her kitchen counter - so comfy.